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05-12-05, 06:14 AM

Verbis Ichputis variis linguis Europaeis utis commota colloquium Latinum condere in animo habeo.

Si quis mecum Latine loqui vult, hoc loco facere potest.

Valete omnes


05-12-05, 06:47 AM
Ego diligo Latin is est sic nice. Ego subpono totus of is ex Highschool sic is est meus optimus Rudimentum. (Ich vergaß die meisten meines Lateins, wie ich tat. Was es genau bedeutet, ist dieses, was ich von ihm erhielt.

Sorry this is in English but I do not translate latin to german. To be well He who was born of the word Ichputis variety language Europaeis utis agitation speech Latinum to meet upon breath to have. If you wish anyone mecum Latine talkative vult , this to place to work zealously power. Health omnes

Was es bedeutet. Sie können es auf Deutsch schreiben, wenn Sie wünschen.

05-12-05, 10:46 AM
Ha,Ha! :D Cachinnum tollo ! :D :D :D (Veniam mihi da: Iocusissimus es!) ;)
(Ha, Ha! I have to laugh loudly! ( Forgive me: You are very funny!)

Puto verba mihi convertenda esse. (I think, I have to translate my words.) :


Because Ichputli made threads in different european languages, I have the idea to open a thread in latin. Everyone,who would like to speak latin with me, can do it at this place.

Bye all

05-13-05, 11:53 PM
Ok is est meus secundus rudimentum procul meus latin. EGO have instituo meus vetus altus schola libri. Sic commodo dico mihi est is est vox necne.

EGO eram vigilo nonnullus T.V ostendo in lstin permaneo nox noctis in SBS. Is eram super Huns quod Romanorum wars. Alot of cruor spilt in illud pugna.

05-14-05, 04:06 AM
Salve Ichputli !

Hodie mihi non est tempus respondendi nec proximis diebus adero. Itaque paulisper tibi expectandum eris. Post reditum te linguam Latinam emendare adiuvabo.

Vale, iam me tempus alio vocat.


(Hello Ichputli

Today I have no time to answer and during the following days I won't be here, so you have to wait a little till I'll be back to help you making your Latin better.

Good bye, I have to go now


05-14-05, 06:15 AM
Gratias ago vos adeo Ego would diligo succurro , Ego sum usura libri scribo is quod aliquantulus of meus memoria.

05-19-05, 04:00 AM
Ok Ego prodigo ages trying impetro is vox sic Spero is est. Dico mihi si is est non ok.

06-17-05, 06:48 AM
Hey qua operor Adeo lern latin? Ego would amo disco is iterum.