View Full Version : Noticing when someone is wearing you out

04-10-16, 03:25 AM
Oh my god this is what it feels like. All the bickering with my host and now I meet someone at Starbucks and the difference is phenomenal. No stress, listen, talk, about cultures, religion, make a joke, we laugh. Unlike my host, the age difference doesn't make him belittle me. Just, nice talking. No paranoia... you know what I mean ? That moment when you notice when someone is being unhealthy to you. That's it, I'm emotionally disconnected from him from now until I move on.

Noticing when someone is emotionally exhausting when meeting the difference. And yet I felt from day one, just from the way he walks and such... Life lesson. In cases like this one where I have to put up, from the get go, emotionally detach in advance if I feel it's not compatible.

04-10-16, 03:48 AM
I had huge roommate and floormate problems one year,
then one saturday i spent the whole day with a friend from band. she had had some errands to do and we were just chatting and laughing in the car and i realized this was just so totally nice and normal.

so yeah you have to just keep your distance and detach. the whole rest of the year was better after i realized that id been trying to have fun with a really toxic group of people.