View Full Version : New to concerta :)

04-11-16, 01:46 PM
Hi there,

This is my first week on Concerta (36mg), I finally decided after all these years to finally go into medication as the coping methods I used over all the years finally wasn't enough.

Im completely amazed with the results so far, my ability to focus on single tasks is incredible as well as impulsiveness controlled.

I do have a questions regarding the medication combined with foods etc.

Are there any adverse reactions to taking headache medication (comprol) to counteract the headaches? I am drinking a lot of water because of the dry mouth I've experienced as a side effect but the headache always seems to find its way in. But I have found if I take any kind of headache medication I get a "blood boiling" sensation that matches the same sensation if I have any caffeine.

I should add my diet has dramatically decreased since taking Concerta (down to reminding myself to eat) so there is also the possibility of not enough food lining my stomach during this time as well.

Also, has anyone had any experience in certain food groups becoming unsettling on the stomach when on the medication (specifically high in fat)?

Thanks in advanced!

04-12-16, 02:25 AM
I haven't noticed any interaction other then with coffee (which makes me feel a bit spacey if I drink it too close to my first pill of the day). I don't normally take headache medication, but I do take Prozac and I noticed for the first few weeks taking them at the same time made me feel a bit sick, that's gone away though.

04-12-16, 03:40 AM
When I tried vyvanse it gave me frequent headaches. I dont know why considering I took adderall or dex.