View Full Version : Med suggestion to stop talking so much

04-11-16, 03:46 PM
Before I go to my Psychiatrist with a request to look at adding med to slow down constant talking looking for med suggestions.

Current regiment: Lamotrigine 200 mg 1 AM, Clonzepam 1MG PM & as needed, Alprazolam 0.5 mg 1-2 x a day. This has worked quite well with keeping me in check from anxiety, occasional panic attacks (hallucinations when stressed). My Dr. has come to feel that I know my mind better than anyone and allowed me to set the dose before we settled on the above.

Talking too much has been an issue for years. We tried ADD meds but they actually started the hallucinations. It took a few years to get to them to subside. I have tried without success to control my talking without meds. I want to meditate but cannot get anywhere close to clearing my thoughts.

If there is an actual diagnosis it landed on Bipolar with a dash of ADD on top for fun.