View Full Version : How Animation's Surreality is the Inspiration of My Reality

04-12-16, 01:45 AM
Animation is something I'm a big fan of, and Zootopia got my imagination and inspiration floating again. Who exactly ? The fox. See, I found myself in him. Some years after his childhood experience I lived an alike choice which defined me. He and I stopped entertaining and emotionally balanced out. (yeah I mean I try) Those, I prefer to see it, are reserved when trust is created. Where he says you're bound to your personality, I prefer to shade my color Red to make Gold. Same root, different taint. Marry light to dark in harmony with a sly presentation. No lies, just feelings are relaxed until needed.

For example - I'm, just like him, or was, good at smooth crime until age 20 when I decided to go into the creative world. Not because it was cool or based on rage. But because it suited me and liked the taste. And had I not entirely decided to become an actor, I would see no reason for change.
My father works his a** off to have a well paid passion (prefer not saying 'job' sounds so neg), so does my entire family, so have I learned to. Begging doesn't help, stand up and get you hand outta yer sleeves. Just not the same... activity. Except, I prefer acting above.

This film reminded me of lessons and I believe we define who we are and should be using whatever tools we exhibit whether too intense or too lazy. And someone doesn't like it ? Tell 'em to close their eyes if they don't like what they see, pretend it ain't real ;)