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04-13-16, 12:58 AM
Hi guys,

I recently found this crowd funded project called "myle tap" which is a device that you clip on to your shirt. Basically it syncs with a bunch of apps on your device (including Evernote and calendar, for example), and you tap the device with your finger and then dictate, then tap it again when you are finished. It basically translates to text and adds a note or reminder or whatever else you want to do. Eg. Tap and say "calendar meet mike at 5pm tomorrow" and tap again, and it will add that event to your calendar.

My inattentive ADD is characterised by a pretty major working memory deficit, and I have so many things that float into my head that I want to make a note of, but within moments they've disappeared never to be found again. Sometimes there's no opportunity to even write it down, for example if I'm driving. The potential for this device to benefit me here is huge.

Just thought I would share! It hasn't been released yet, but apparently it's expected to begin shipping next month. I've put in my order!

Also, I've found using Evernote for EVERYTHING has been a huge assistance to me in establishing some order in my life. I have an ever increasing to-do list, a list for daily routines, holiday plans, all my work project information, grocery lists, meds diary, etc.

Hope this stuff helps some of you! :)


Little Missy
04-13-16, 07:06 AM
Huh. Well, maybe that would beat having to keep going back to look at the Meals On Wheels calendar six or seven times before they arrive @ 11 to remember what is coming for lunch for LOL.