View Full Version : Finding exercise hard with Ritalin

04-13-16, 04:38 AM
I basically wanted to post this to see if anyone else has had similar experiences.

I have always enjoyed running, partly for symptom relief and also it helps me rid of excess energy.

Anyway, I find that if I take Ritalin one day, the next day or the day after when I'm not on Ritalin and I go for a run, I really struggle.

Its not to do with fitness because I am very fit and can do a good 30 - 40min run without stopping, but if I have had Ritalin a few days prior (or a day prior) and that day I am not on ritalin, I struggle on the run. I get a little breathless, and can sometimes have a little chest pain. Usually I just stop for a bit before continuing.

What's strange is, if I am on ritalin that day I can go for a run and am fine, its just subsequent days.

Has anyone had this? Its really putting me off to be honest, especially as I am training for a half marathon.

If anyone can give any advice or have had something similar please do chime in, I'd love to hear some advice. Thanks in advance.

04-13-16, 05:46 AM
I never noticed since I'm not really physically active. Although, I think I remember feeling more sluggish than usual.

Maybe you always have to be on your meds I guess.. Not sure what to tell you. Maybe try a extended release med instead like concerta.

04-13-16, 06:22 AM
Are you sure ritalin is the right med for you?