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04-14-16, 02:40 PM
Being newly diagnosed, I need to work on a lot of stuff. I really think therapy would help a lot (accountability) but I can't do it right now due to finances and time constraints. There are so many books out there. Which have you found most helpful in a practical way - developing strategies to get organized, stop being so impulsive, stop procrastinating, finishing stuff, etc.

04-15-16, 09:22 AM
There are many free or low cost therapy options out there. Ask your doctor what they might know of and call up your insurance as well. Beyond that you can also check out Mental Health America ( which offers links to find free or low cost clinics and providers. Many therapists do provide a sliding scale fee structure based on your finances and ability to pay, so make sure to ask about that as well.

As for books, Attitude Magazine complied a list of books ( recommended by readers and others with ADHD, so maybe you could get some ideas there.

Also maybe check out what CHADD has to other as far as information and support. They have many local chapters and could have something in your area.

04-15-16, 02:14 PM
Adult adhd by Russel Barkley was good. It was a bit limited in places but overall O

I recommend it.

04-15-16, 04:40 PM
Full title of the book ginniebean mentioned:

Taking Charge of Adult ADHD

DJ Bill
04-15-16, 05:15 PM
Fast Minds is another good one for strategies..