View Full Version : i am not sucidial im just tired

04-15-16, 06:53 PM
I am tired of life. I think of it as never ending problems that you just convince your self that is temporarily but as soon as it ends there is another just waiting to be revealed. Im 19 years old and i've gone through a lot death of a loved one, family problems and other. And when i think that i still have a life ahead of me a lot of time to spend and more of problems to reveal i just cant. I cant go through all of that again. Its too much. I cant do it. How can someone keep moving when his or her past is still hurting me and i'll have to fo through more. Life is useless i wonder im even born.

04-15-16, 08:50 PM
It never stops, you're so right. Trying our best, and kindly loving ourselves through it all, is about all we can do. Glad you became part of the community and shared what's weighing on your heart.

04-16-16, 02:19 AM
I often feel that way. Hopeless, stuck in misery with no hope of it ever ending. However when I'm not depressed life does seem worth a shot even with exactly the same problems.

I'm sorry you are feeling so low and that you've got too much to deal sith and too much pain to carry. Hang in there though because once the depression lifts there is reasonable to hope again. Are you getting g any treatment for your depression?

04-19-16, 02:52 PM

I can empathize with you. Are you taking any meds or seeing a therapist/counselor? These two things can be very, very beneficial. I have had success with them do a degree but I think that it's more than just doing those.

It's having a healthy, well-rounded life of job and/or school satisfaction, a couple of good friends who you can really count on. If you are lucky enough to have family that you are close to that can help too.

I had the job and friends part going really, really well for me then I started another degree in 2007 and had a really horrible time as I discovered I had ADHD and it was compounded by depression and anxiety. I pulled away from friends, volunteer activities and life in general and isolated myself except for school and work.

This is NOT a good life! I was seeing a therapist/counselor and on meds but life is more that! I am still struggling to get a back into a normal, healthy way of life with friends and not isolating so much. It's slow but I'm getting there.

GOOD LUCK!!! Keep us posted!!

04-21-16, 02:45 AM
Life isn't about not hurting, it is about finding the things that are worth hurting for. Many athletes such as Peyton Manning are in pain every day but they continue to play because it gives meaning to their pain.

If you run from pain, you will only be running from yourself and what can give your life the most meaning.

04-22-16, 03:11 PM
Sometimes depression saps our ability to cope with challenges.
Sometimes the struggles and the pain make us lose sight of the good in life.
Sometimes we think about death not because we want to die, but we can't see any other escape from the pain we're in.

A lot of that pain comes from the isolation we often feel. As we find ways to reconnect to the world, the pain eases. Finding the right people in our lives makes all the difference.

Recovery to me is about changing the way we look at and navigate through our life, and though it was my journey, it wasn't one I think I could've navigated on my own.

I have no idea what sort of supports exist in Egypt, but I hope you can find something that can give you that face to face support, ideally from someone who's been through it. Our most succesful program in our area is one called "Skills for Safer Living" and it's a group run by people who have attempted suicide in the past, and help groups of people find support in each other so they can help each other find ways to escape the pain and "return to the act of living".

I've struggled with severe depression and thoughts of dying myself, and what finally helped me break free was in large part a good friend who was in worse shape than I was.

04-23-16, 08:31 AM
Therapy can go a long way towards inner peace.