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04-15-16, 06:55 PM
I was taking 36 mg generic Concerta in the morning and 10 mg IR in the afternoon. My blood pressure has been running a little high (but starting to come back down with weight loss). Plus, I was getting a bit "jittery" during mid-day afternoon. The side effects came about when I increased my Concerta from 27 to 36 mg, as I was starting to lose concentration in the AM (I had been on the 27 mg for over a year). I discussed the side effects with my MD. He wrote me a script for Focalin XR, which is 100% d-methylphenidate, just like Dexedrine is 100% d-amphetamine. Supposedly, there are less side effects from Focalin compared to Ritalin.

I took my first pill this morning at 7 am. I was prescribed 20 mg by my psychiatrist. Today was a good day to assess the effects, because I am home all day with my daughter with no work to do (other than being a parent :giggle:).

The verdict: imagine all the good things about Ritalin with all of the occasional side-effects (blood pressure, body temp, occasional shakiness) turned down. I can still feel some "stimulation" in the background, but it's very subtle. My mind is much clearer, and my focus is great. No hyperfocus, just "normal" focus.

It's 3:53 pm right now and the 7 am dose is still working. If this lasts until 5 pm, I won't need an afternoon booster anymore!

Focalin seems very promising, I'll keep posting my progress with it (and blood pressure status) after a few more days.

04-15-16, 07:13 PM
A mystery why racemats are first choice when treating ADHD.

04-15-16, 08:33 PM
A mystery why racemats are first choice when treating ADHD.

It is because they are cheaper to manufacture, and those who control the money control the process so as to remain in possession of the money so as to remain in power.


04-16-16, 04:37 PM
Overall my first day with Focalin XR was very positive. The effects later approx. 7 am to 7 pm, which is more than enough to cover my work day. I haven't taken the medication today and won't until Monday morning. There doesn't seem to be a strong "rebound" effect. I slept like a baby last night (only work up once briefly) for 9 hours.

04-16-16, 04:42 PM
A mystery why racemats are first choice when treating ADHD.

There's less abuse potential with racemic stimulants. Taking more than the prescribed therapeutic dose for recreational purposes induces unpleasant side effects.

04-16-16, 04:51 PM
There's less abuse potential with racemic stimulants. Taking more than the prescribed therapeutic dose for recreational purposes induces unpleasant side effects.

I'd say it's the other way around. The junkies seem to like that affect on the periferous nervous system, that thrill. Just clarity of mind would probably feel like half effect if you want a rush. Street speed is racemic. Besides, no doctor will prescribe doses high enough for recreational use. If someone is having a trip, street speed is probably a lot less expensive compared to buying methylphenidate second hand.

04-18-16, 09:59 PM
I took my second dose today at 6:40 AM. I felt it "peak" around 8:45 am. The effect plateaued and last the rest of the work day, until around 5:35 PM.

The one notable feature about Focalin I've quickly noticed is how smooth it is. It's almost sedating - I felt drowsy and almost nodded off a couple of times after lunch. I don't get a stimulant "push" from it like I did with Concerta/Ritalin. My focus and clarity were excellent. I was able to carefully listen and process what others had to say. My cognitive processing was excellent, much better than most days. I was able to stop and plan accordingly, without rushing or bumbling. I particularly noticed this effect as I was preparing dinner. I also noticed I was moving and fidgeting a lot less - my motor activity with Concerta ranged from agitated to frozen in place, depending on what time of the day it was. With Focalin, my motor activity just feels natural, no more or no less than the non-ADHDers around me.

04-23-16, 03:40 PM
I've been taking Teva generic Dexmethylphenidate-ER for a week and the learning curve is pretty short.

The consistency of my medication is definitely influenced by what I consume it with. I have found the most consistent results when I take it on an empty stomach.

Vitamin C, potassium and fiber supplements really seem to kill the effectiveness of the medication altogether. So I found taking my supplements at lunch time instead of the morning ensures the effect of my medication is consistent.

I suspect the fiber supplement is the greatest culprit. I think it binds to the medication, forming a gummy substance in my digestive tract and interfering with its realease. I've seen these phenomenon happen when I mix my fiber into cold lemonade (an acidic solution, much like the contents of my stomach).

The medication is indeed gentler than Concerta, with less of a "speedy" feeling. The onset and come down are less abrupt. The baseline measurements of my blood pressure have improved. I've seen an improvement in my sleep quality. As always, I still have to work with the medication. I'm finding it much easier to practice awareness and catch myself when I'm drifting off during a conversation, or getting sidetracked from a task.

05-06-16, 09:14 PM
Withdrawals....I think it's what I've been experiencing lately.

I'm no longer getting the PNS "lift" I got with stimulants like Ritalin/Adderall etc.

My concentration, focus, and impulse control are great. My mood has been sh*t. I've been fighting off feeling depressed. But this is good. I'm been stimulating myself into a better mood for so long that I want to learn to operate without the "motivating" type of stimulation. It isn't good for my blood pressure or my heart.

Now I can see the things in my life that are bothering me. I don't have a lot of contact with good friends. I haven't been engaging in my hobbies (photography). I've been focusing so much on work, wife and baby that I've forgotten about myself. I've been struggling to fit in at my new job and that's been bothering me a bit.

It will take about 12 months to recover the neural connections involved with all the PNS stimulation. It's the same thing I went through after three months of heavy meth use in college.

Damn, that means I'll have to go through screwed-up cognitive function if and when I decide to stop Focalin. But I'll cross that bridge when I get to it.