View Full Version : We're people, not machines

04-16-16, 04:44 AM
I've had enough of people who slow me down, unpolite or I find, excuse my language, dumb or unsympathetic. STOP playing with a phone ! I'm in front of you. Or replying ‘good’ when I ask how someone is, instead of returning the question. I go to a counter, first ask how they are. To me it looks like no one gives a damn. We’re humans, not machines and I want to stop nullifying care.

Saying hi without anything else, for saying hi I don’t reply. You want to have chat, I’m yours. I’m a good person and I can be nice but don’t consider myself a nice person. I tried being nice, I did, but I find myself falling to be annoyed. If someone lacks courtesy I'm not going to be nice and turn the other cheek. I avoid them if I can, tell them if I can't. Too many people to care. Focus on positive people. I think you have to have a lot of patience to tolerate everyone. Wrong as I may be, I don't. Do you ?

04-16-16, 05:24 AM
I tolerate most people from a safe distance and I'm happy with most people as long as they aren't too close to me. I'm nice and polite mostly but I'm not sure how good I am. I find that with age I've become more tolerant about most things but a lot less impatient about a lot of things. So I try not to judge people but if they annoy me I keep my distance (or even more distance).

(By the way I do believe that we are machines ;))

04-16-16, 05:29 AM
Ive gotten better at filtering "accidently impolite" and "obviously rude"
So both yes and no for me

Ok heres a commuter train example: im short and big tall guy with backpack hasnt seen me and turns around so i have a backpack literally in my face;
Getting off train : ok im short but please let me get off the train before you barge in the doors!

04-16-16, 07:52 AM
Speaking solely from my experiences, age has brought about much hard earned wisdom to be able to better direct and spend my energies among the robotic masses.

People remain annoying as f*** in many instances. I feel we are more driven than ever to be much more robotic and much less human simply to keep up with the stress of the overwhelming monetary demands that it takes to survive.

Luckily, I cross paths with just enough peeps who strongly practice and exercise the humanistic aspects of life, while also actively and quite productively raging against the often highly funded robotic aspects, that allows me to hold onto some hope for the future.

04-18-16, 04:58 AM
My tolerance ebbs and flows. Recovering from addiction Ive grown way more tolerant to those who suffer with that. I try to remember that we are all flawed and being perfect doesnt make you more human. I try really hard to put myself in someone's shoes. I am triggered by certain things for a variety of mental health reasons and I try to remember that I dont run the show and its not all about me. With self awareness sometimes comes a bit of self absorption. Not the kind that involves arrogance or hubris, but the kind of overthinking about a new experience I am going through and how it plays in my life and if I can find other people who get it-which is why I like it here. I try to remember "principles before personalities" but sometimes that pesky bipolar/adhd gets in the way and operate purely from the emotional side of myself. I would like to think getting older has made me more tolerant, and in a way it has, but only with certain types of people and situations. I wish I could be more tolerant over all.
However, my husband always jokes he is going to install a hidden camera in my care to catch the running dialogue I have driving about other drivers or people. He says it would be a youtube hit. So I guess I still have a lot of work to do.

04-18-16, 05:26 AM
That's deep Sweets. Nice.