View Full Version : Your me time

04-16-16, 10:13 PM
Mine's spent with a shot of strong liquor, an episode of Supernatural, some chocolates, comfortable on the bed with always iTunes running on the back ground on bass boosted high quality sound, ready to launch some Hard Rock - and dimmed light not to be interrupted on penalty of death for 2 hours (and let's face it, this forum ready when the need's high)

Supernatural is The Unquestionable Holy #!t, so a huge panel: "Getting Cozy - P!$$ :mad:ff"

You ?

04-17-16, 09:06 AM
Mine's spent with youtube playing music and reading a good book, maybe surfing the internet :) often watching my two girls being a pair of comedians :giggle:

I normally just have a cup of tea or something while I'm having "me time" :)

04-17-16, 09:47 AM
On warm sunny days, me time is spent out in nature foraging for life giving foods, deep breathing, planting more edible goodness, soaking up vitamin d, eating lots of fruit and veggies, doing my daily exercise routine, talking to the wild life, listening to the amazing sounds of nature, giving thanks to the sacred waters, and breathing in fresh (when I'm lucky) air.

Indoor days include lots of music (genre depending on the mood), deep breathing, dancing and sock skating, hula hooping, bouncing and running on the mini-trampoline, (which are all part of my typical exercise routine), prepping fruits and veggies so they're more accessible when I become hungry, or hangry, creating something (meals, magnets, workshop ideas, etc.), enjoying a soak in a hot salt bath to ease mind, body, and soul, and learning something that is hopefully useful within my days via you tube university.