View Full Version : Ritalin Ir duration with and without food question

04-17-16, 03:42 PM
Hello, I have been taking generic Adderall ir for several years and two days ago I chose to switch to methylphenidate until next month when I can get back my old manufacturer{Teva/Barr}. I had a problem with a new manufacturer of the generic Adderall{Mylan},aka for my body it was a placebo with bad side effects. Anyway, yesterday morning I took my meds and had my normal breakfast 1 hour later{eggs,soy milk and whole grain toast}. My dose is 30mgx2 daily. My dose was the same for Adderall even though there is a difference in it's potency. The duration of the methylphenidate seemed very short lasting. I feel at most I got about 1.5 quality hours of it total. Today I had the same meal but I ate almost 3 hours after taking my morning dose and I got a solid 4.5-5hrs out of it. I was up late both nights which i didn't expect since my 2nd dose was early afternoon but I slept well both of the nights. I figured Adderall would have kept me up later but that wasn't the case at all. I don't understand why there would be such a dramatic difference. Has anyone else experienced this or have an input into why? Does methylphenidate have to be taken far from vitamin C like Adderall supposedly does? If so how far apart from dosing and in your experience is it really that dramatic of a difference if you had vitamin C?{adderall or ritalin}. I have never had vitamin C pre-dinner time so I can't say for myself. It would be nice to be able to supplement my diet early in the day but not at the expense of losing the benefits of the medication. Thanks in advance

04-20-16, 04:54 AM
Everyone freaks out about the vitamin c thing. I have been on stimulants for over 10 years and not once has vitamin c been an issue. Before I had the internet at my disposal I would have oj and other stuff with vitamin c all the time because I didnt know any better. Never had a problem. I dont know if worrying about vitamin c is something you need to focus on.