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04-18-16, 11:41 PM
Hi all. This is my second post. Yay me. :p

I'm 32 y/o, diagnosed with inattentive type about a month and a half ago. Put on Adderall IR, then XR after experiencing too many ups and downs, jitteriness and racing heartbeat. The XR was better but still the negative side effects were too much to handle. I did notice some very mild positive effects but they were hard to really pin down.

Anyway, so my psychiatrist tried to put me next on Vyvanse but my insurance was being stupid and complicated so we're giving generic Concerta ER a shot. 18mg as a starting dose, then increase as needed.

This is the 3rd day for me on the Concerta and I feel good about not experiencing really any negative side effects (maybe a bit of jitteriness about 5-6 hrs in). This is a huge relief compared to the Adderall. Holy cow. Unfortunately, I haven't felt any positive effects either. I also don't notice when the medication is wearing off, like I did with the Adderall. (That was obvious- a few nights I felt like an absolute crazy person.. super emotional and not myself.) I'm not any more tired than usual, no appetite suppression and it's not keeping me awake like the Adderall. At work, I'm maybe a little more productive? I think there may be a very slight feeling of euphoria at certain times.

But here's the thing: For me, the most depressing part of having ADHD and is the effect is has on any and all social interactions, relationships, and my emotions (I'm good at keeping them contained but inside I experience irrational, inappropriate, uncomfortable feelings to things which causes me distress) I haven't noticed an improvement in this area at all and if I'm going to take a medication for this, it HAS to help me with this.

So- I have 2 (plus one bonus) questions:

1. I know about the allegations that the generic and name-brand aren't the same.
When we up my dose, should I demand that it be name-brand Concerta? Or just try the generic and see?

2. As far as the medication not really doing much, should I just stick it out and hope that the dose just isn't high enough yet? It would be motivating to hear from people who needed to up their dose in order to notice a difference.

3. On an unrelated note, what have your experiences been with Concerta and drinking alcohol socially?

Help me to not be discouraged, dear community!!! :(

04-19-16, 01:33 AM
I'm on name brand concerta so I can't comment on the name-brand vs. generic. Although I'm also on fluxotiene for depression and I don't notice a difference between Prozac and generic, so?

I would stick it out. I was on 36 to start and I knew after about 3 days that it 'worked' but I wasn't on a high enough dose (for the same reasons you say, I can feel it wear off and the jittery feeling). My psych moved me up to 54, and told me to space them out over a few hours, and that seems to work much better and longer.

In regards to alcohol. I seem to get a really red face, really quickly. Other then that, no change.