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04-19-16, 06:18 AM
Greetings all,

I hope that you all are well and pushing on with living!

Yesterday, I went back to my shrink, and he prescribed the following for my ADD (Inattentive):

6AM: 0.5MG Clonazepam + 5.0MG of Dex.
12PM: 0.5MG Clonazepam + 5.0MG of Dex.
6PM: 0.5MG Clonazepam + 5.0MG of Dex.

He added the 0.5MG of Clonazepam, as I have strong anxiety on Dex.

Now, the questions:

1. Would not the Clonazepam and Dex interact to cancel the effects of Dex?
2. Based upon your personal experiences, does the above sound safe?

I would be most obliged for your personal lived insights. Thanks.



04-19-16, 08:48 AM
Cant help you much there, but one of the reason i take Dex is that it kills anxiety...when it used to work tho. So why not try something else, i dont think Dex sounds right for you since it gives you anxiety?

04-19-16, 09:38 AM
How long have you been taking the medication?

It takes awhile to build up to your 'steady state' effect with the drug.

04-19-16, 02:39 PM
How long have you been taking the medication?

It takes awhile to build up to your 'steady state' effect with the drug.

Thanks for your post. I've been off and on Dex for the last 5 years!

04-19-16, 05:47 PM
no it wont counter act it. It's a lovely combo for anxiety + add. For me I always had GAD and Social anxiety (though you wouldn't know it) but on my meds I focus and sometimes its relaxing and calming to handle situations, other times I realize how much I have to do, how many people are listening to me, which I normally wouldn't even realize - thus Klonopin comes in. I take it twice daily along with some form of dextroamphetamine depending on the month.

Many doctors will send you straight down the road to SSRI hell if you mention anxiety when in reality that will make anxiety worse. I would thank God and your doctor that you were put on appropriate medications right away. Dosage titrations are always a given but at least you can be sure Klonopin is the gold standard for anxiety treatment. To answer your question OP it will not hurt it may even help. I get more done when I take them together than when I skip one or the other. Stims alone often send me into a mini panic or a "brainstorming session" at bed; I just write a million tasks, drink 5 cups of coffee, gee its 5pm I did nothing. If you relax and take it one at a time its smooth sailing.

05-01-16, 08:39 PM
After one week experience, the Clonazepam does cancel the effects of Dex!

Little Nut
05-01-16, 11:55 PM
YAY!!! \o/

05-02-16, 08:41 AM
it could be because klonopin (brand name) has such a long half life.