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04-20-16, 11:14 PM
My brain is a built-in entertainment factory, and all sorts of wacky (and sometimes very disturbing) thoughts pass through my head at lightning speed, when the medication wears off. I created this thread as a journal for everyone's nutty thoughts. Cuz, you know, I need to laugh every once in a while.

Earlier, I thought of an enormously large man eating a sandwich with dead rat in it and a thin slice of fontina cheese. I don't know how the heck I came up with that, but I wanted to laugh to myself.

04-21-16, 01:48 PM
Memories of an entire room of clinicians with a dumbstruck face when a psychiatrist said "So what's the big deal if the meds give him ED as a side effect?"

Also thinking of all the creative phrasing that'll be in people's charting this afternoon... We're screening the new star wars movie this afternoon for the people we support, and I can just imagine staff trying to make it sound more "credible" that they hung out for a while and shared a social moment with folks.

Also thinking about a board game I want to design, and how to have broad sweeping events and changes to the political climate reflected in counters, tiles, and cards...

04-21-16, 02:05 PM
Omg so many things!
Rainy why does this all look the same? (These suburbs and parking lots and shopping centers) stuff i should buy, the forums peoplegetting on this bus space and time this place where i grew up is all part of me ill make it work

04-21-16, 09:55 PM
A man farting into a gift-wrapped box and giving it to a baby.

04-21-16, 10:01 PM
Now that I'm at the gym: a serious-as-a-heart-attack aerobics class bouncing back and forth like chimps while hooting. After they reach their goal, they shout, "Banana Split!"

04-21-16, 11:22 PM
not safe for work

04-22-16, 10:59 AM
not safe for work

That's a lot of mine... But I have to keep within forum guidelines! :lol:

04-27-16, 04:27 PM
This morning I thought of a cat head bobbing over a Looney Tunes introduction background to a musical beat.