View Full Version : Moving from Librium to Xanax XR?

04-25-16, 11:04 PM
I was lucky enough to obtain some samples of Xanax XR and I really felt they helped me better than the Librium that I've been on for the last several years.

I've had some trouble talking my psychiatrist into changing my prescription though... He's not familiar with the XR, only the IR and kind of wants to leave what he thinks is good enough alone.

Some of the charts he googled showed the Xanax XR as much more powerful, but I don't believe it. I think it's the way it is digested. Xanax is disabled by the liver in one pass, but Librium actually can turn into more powerful, longer lasting drugs.

Does anyone know of a place I can get some information to show him to try to convince him to let me try it?

Also, does anyone have any long-term experience taking Xanax XR?

Thank you!

05-02-16, 10:55 PM
Why are you taking the Librium? If it's for GAD, then I would stick with it. Xanax is better on an as needed basis for panic attacks, or reserved for panic disorder that cannot be controlled with less potent drugs. Librium is much like Valium and breaks down into longer acting active metabolites. That is what makes them much smoother acting. They came out with Xanax XR because of the abrupt on/off action with the IR form. Xanax is very potent, but very short acting. People would say they knew when their next dose was due because they felt anxious. I can take up to 15mgs of Valium a day, but some days I take only 5 or 10mgs and even skip a day here or there. You can't do that with Xanax, not even the XR form.
Having said all that, if you have severe panic disorder that nothing else helps, then the Xanax XR might be a good one for you. All benzos are difficult to come off of, but the short acting ones are the worst. But I intend to stay on Valium for life because I need it to function. Some people feel the same way about Xanax, and I can't argue with that. Life is too short to suffer needlessly.

07-17-16, 08:16 PM
I was prescribed librium for a about a month, before being switched to valium (which is very similar in effect and metabolism/ites) for 3-4 months, before my doctor and i settled on Xanax XR. I had success with it for about 1.5 years, and had positive results when i ceased treatment with Xanax XR (was prescribed for panic attacks due to situational stressors, rather than GAD, etc)

So, the major differences I noticed between librium and xanax xr was depth of symptom control, sedation/cognition, and mood effects. Both librium and valium caused me to have much more long term sedation and general "cognitive fuzziness" as compared to the xanax xr (after a week or so adjusting to them).

As far as the symptom control goes, while the librium/valium was in theory a better agent because of their long-acting nature (and active metabolites), the Xanax XR's formulation effectively matched the all-day symptom control (2x/day) but was far more robust in it's ability to cease most panic attacks before they began. Also the lack of metabolites and short action of alprazolam meant it didn't build up and cause long acting "fuzz"

Finally, Alprazolam is kind of unique in that it has antidepressant effects that are unique among (almost all of) the benzodiazepine class.

P.S.: The instant release version of xanax I've found to be effective at treating acute anxiety, but I would never recommend it for long term symptoms/disorders- also the potential for misuse (and abuse) seems to be higher, but the XR formation spreads out 1-3mgs over 12 hours (greatly reducing side effects), while the IR can dump up to 2mgs at once (why it's earned it's stigma with dr's)