View Full Version : Need help with child's meds.

04-26-16, 11:00 AM
My son has ADHD and started on guanfacine, which caused horrible irritability, and is now on Adderall and guanfacine, which has helped the irritability a lot, but still making him really tired. There is a huge beneficial difference at home. I NEVER tell him to do his homework anymore, whereas I used to have to repeat myself and he'd only have 2 problems done at 5pm. Now he's done with homework before 4pm completely on his own volition!
The confusing problem is, his teacher is seeing no difference in classroom behavior before or after meds. During instruction, he'll get up and rearrange the books on her shelf, gets very disruptive, absolutely still needs his aide. He's in 5th. I'm not sure what to do. My son also has some sensory issues, one of them being with food. He eats very little and weighs only 65 lbs at 11yo. He really can't lose any weight on too much stimulant dose.

04-27-16, 10:47 AM
Hmm what time does he take the Adderall? Is it the regular version or the XR version?

04-27-16, 11:00 AM
Sounds like he may need another adjustment to his medication. I'd take him back to the psychiatrist and tell him/her what is going on.

04-27-16, 03:55 PM
What Im hearing is that its helping with some of the focus and drive but not with the distractibility or hyperactivity?> When does he take the adderall and how much/how many times a day?

05-02-16, 11:36 AM
He takes Adderall XR 15 mg and Tenex (Guanfacine IR) 1 mg in the morning before school. I wish there was another rx like guanfacine that we could try with the Adderall. The guanfacine helps balance out the appetite suppression of the Adderall, as well as really reduces the hyperactivity. But the guanfacine also makes him more irritable. He's also supposed to take 1mg guanfacine after school but I don't give it to him because he'll get more irritable and exhausted. I'm just so discouraged that the during the day, this rx isn't enough for his teachers. In anyone's experience, what might be a successful rx cocktail for a too-skinny dc who barely eats as it is?

05-03-16, 11:08 AM
You could try clonidine (bran catapress). Its commonly used for adhd off label to treat it, for tics and sometimes physical hyperactivity and excessive sweating.

Also, there is a sticky thread in this section that I wrote about medicating my son. It may help you relate if you want to read it.