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04-26-16, 12:45 PM
It's even better: I can (most probably) choose between two jobs!

The jobs are both good. One is at a big company, one is at a smaller. For both jobs I will have to work hard to improve my IT skills, but they both offer me plenty of time and resources for training. The big company has an 8 week training program, the smaller one offers me a less structured training and demands a higher level of skill, but I have six months to get started.

I will probably choose the smaller company. It has a very good name, nice boss and colleagues, a lot of freedom and good pay. It is the more risky choice, but I feel like I dare to take on the challenge.

It's strange to be in this (very good) situation. It took me 10 years to finish my BSc. I told them, and they thought that was great, that I must have learnt a lot from that time. I thought that that piece of my history would hold me back in my career, and now it turns out that it's an advantage!

I am so happy! Now I will celebrate! It's also Kings Evening here in the Netherlands, so I will imagine the whole city is partying with me! :lol:

04-26-16, 12:49 PM
Congratulations. Well done and well deserved.

Happy King's Evening!! :)

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04-26-16, 01:11 PM
Awesome! Congrats!!!!

04-26-16, 02:24 PM
Congratulations Jacksper! Very happy for you.

04-26-16, 04:10 PM
Excellent :)

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04-27-16, 07:18 PM
Thanks everyone! It's so great. I was completely open and honest in the whole process, I even mentioned what I find challenging (my weaknesses) on multiple occasions, I encouraged them to be very critical whether or not I fit and I mentioned (on my own initiative) that I took 10 years to finish my BSc. Of course I also showed good side/my strengths. They discussed with all the colleagues and they decided that they wanted me. I am still amazed by this, but I feel that I am becoming more and more confident that this should be doable.

I'll start on May 17th. I will quit my side jobs, finish my voluntary work at the university and I will prepare for the job; sign the contract and do the other paperwork, do a lot of self study, organize my room, build more routine in my life, perhaps get a (ADD?) coach to help me with this transition (not sure if this is a good investment, but I think so), but I will also relax/do plenty of fun activities because that is also important.

It feels like a dream. 1.5 years ago I thought my life would become a total failure. This started to change slowly in the time after that, but I did not dare to dream of opportunities like this one! :D

04-29-16, 09:03 AM
Congrats! Glad you are doing so well!