View Full Version : Unleashing high potentials (luv writing it)

04-26-16, 02:33 PM

So beautiful. If you're anything like me with extremely high ambitions then this video might really inspire you because I'm starting everyday of my life to realize a thought is to be guided to become a pattern. I believe it doesn't matter what one's not skilled at as long as you realize where your potential lies and are ready to make the choices necessary to adjust a lifestyle in favor of that path to satisfaction and face the sacrifices, including humility. Which I'm convinced, after gaining understanding from this video, is a requisite. The arrogance of 'knowing you're the best' is the death of evolution and will do the exact opposite of what you're claiming to be and seek to become.
I have a story called Devil's Chess which is two parts I being focuses on the fall of a hero that leads to his wife becoming the first demon through the manipulation game of the devil where the second is this demon's (Lilith) rise to conflict with a kid who, in order to defeat her, taps into a power that makes him far worse and ends being defeated, in the prime of his terror reign, by the background man, a low profile stryder who doesn't fame or recognition but wields a power far greater than anyone's understanding and, with the single swipe of his hand from the shadows ends his reign. Stryder aka Aragorn. I want absolute terror before relief.