View Full Version : Any girls 18-25 with ADD?

04-27-16, 02:36 PM
my name is Nina and I'm turning 22 in July. I would love to find a girl around my age to talk about ADD since I don't have anyone to talk to about it.

04-28-16, 08:06 AM
23 year old woman with ADHD.

04-28-16, 03:13 PM
Weelll I'm 27! Wow I'm too old. **Feels old** ;) :P

04-29-16, 02:38 AM
23 years old with ADD here :) I'm new to this site as well

04-29-16, 08:12 AM
22 year old with ADHD. :)

04-29-16, 04:47 PM
Nice with some replies! I'll message you girls :)

06-21-16, 08:15 PM
Hi Nina, I am 21.

07-01-16, 02:33 AM
hi Nina im 25 mum of three :)

07-02-16, 03:24 PM
julia, 20! ADHD-PI.

07-05-16, 10:18 AM
I am 23 years old ��
Welcome dear
Waiting for you message

12-06-16, 05:05 AM
Hey Nina, hey girls. I'm 22 years old! Took me till this year to put all the pieces together and realize that I most definitely have ADD... but hey, life's a btch. Does really help when you have people who understand that you can talk to. If any of you girls need a good conversation, don't hesitate. <3

12-06-16, 10:18 AM
I am ABIGAIL 24 with ADHD may I join the party? :)

Little Missy
12-06-16, 10:29 AM
I am ABIGAIL 24 with ADHD may I join the party? :)

And she comes bearing chocolates. Lots of them.

12-11-16, 04:28 AM
Just turned 28 but I feel like ADD never gets old. What's up?

04-24-17, 07:19 PM
Hey! I'm new here, 21 years old and recently diagnosed (as in literally this last week) I'd love to talk to someone about this, experienced or fresh like me. :)

05-12-17, 04:44 PM
Hi! I'm 24 with ADHD and just started adderall today. Would love someone to talk to that understands

05-28-17, 03:03 PM
23 y/o here. Officially diagnosed at 20 y/o. This age range and our sex makes it difficult for many psychiatrists and psychologists to see that our symptoms may not just be from an overarching mood disorder. Anyone else have trouble with this?

05-30-17, 11:54 AM
23 and just diagnosed! Such relief to be here and know I'm not alone. Big love to all you chicks powering through this struggle <3 anyone got any good tips?

06-28-17, 03:53 PM

I'm 23, almost 24 and wondering whether I have ADHD. Would like to hear some of your experiences of how ADHD affects you as I'm thinking about going to see a doctor about my symptoms. Would love to hear from you :)

06-29-17, 12:50 AM
Be brave. Keep going through school even if it drives you crazy. Just keep pushin.

I'm 28, my sense of stimulation in my 20s seems to be dying down and I feel like I need to crack down harder on my ADHD tendencies of not talking to people enough. Trying to balance my work life with my sanity and getting paid right even if I'm slower! Trying to find a man who understands me better because not all of them do :/.