View Full Version : FAPE question in regards to transferring districts

04-28-16, 03:20 PM

My son is getting a 504 plan next week and I'm trying to figure out where to put him in school next year. I got a call from the principal last night and we talked for about 20 minutes about how her school may not be the best equipped for him because of his high IQ but still having the social struggles. She suggested a part time homeschool/part charter but they only meet 2x a week and when I called their educational consultant today she said there are only 7 kids in all elementary.

The problem is, his school doesn't have a GATE program, which I think he really needs/would benefit from. Can I, because he has the 99%ile IQ and the ADHD diagnoses, state FAPE law is now being satisfied at his current district and demand acceptance into another, close by district, that DOES have GATE? How does that work?

I've tried googling and can't find anything on this specific topic!