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04-30-16, 01:08 AM
Hello! I am new to the forum but have read a lot of amazingly helpful information. My dd is 4.5 yo and has epilepsy and global delays. After her last neuropsych exam they finally agreed to let us try medication for what they think is adhd. They are not willing to diagnose her yet because of her age but we have been bringing this up with anybody that would listen since she was 2.5. She can't sit still long enough to learn anything so she just keeps falling farther and farther behind. She is well behind her peers...

The doctor prescribed her Dexedrine spansules and today was her first day! We started at 5mg working up to 10 in 3 weeks. It was amazing. She played with foam blocks for an hour. Normally that would be a 12 second activity. She can't focus long enough to colour a picture. By the time she gets one marker to the paper she's moved on to the next. I could go on and on but I'm sure many of you share similar experiences.

Does anyone have any experiences with Dexedrine they would be willing to share? Success stories? Epilepsy or delayed kids that made some progress once they were able to focus or stay on task?

Thanks for taking the time to read. Hope to get to know some of you on this crazy parenthood journey!

04-30-16, 03:16 AM
I encourage you to read my sticky in this section? My son was diagnosed at age 3.5 and began meds at age 4. Yes 4.5 is young but its not out of the realm of possibility. BTW my son is 20 now and it was the best thing we ever did for him.

04-30-16, 07:12 AM
Thanks for pointing that post out. I only hope I can write one like that in 15 years!

04-30-16, 10:00 PM
Today she let us read to her for 20 minutes. That's is HUGE for her. Then tonight she had an epic meltdown. I can see that this is going to be tricky for a kid that has very poor communication skills and language. I hate that she is not able to tell us how she feels. But clearly we were right to push the issue and she will benefit if we find what works for her.

Anyone else have trouble figuring things out due to not knowing what your child is really feeling for side effects? I've read many of the adult threads and thought, wow, I hope I'm not putting her through that unknowingly!

05-03-16, 11:11 AM
I used to keep a notebook and write stuff about how my sons' day was everyday. Sometimes multiple times a day. He also was on dex spansules for years. From about second until the summer between freshman and sophmore year.
He took clonidine at night. It helped with physical and mental hyperactivity, cut down on the meltdowns and also helped him maintain a good appetite.