View Full Version : Communication vs popular abbreviations

05-01-16, 09:43 AM
Communication would be a lot more interesting and informative if people would expand their vocabulary a bit.
F.e. what do you mean by "creepy"? I see that word used constantly, mostly by people under 30, to mean everything from scary or eerie (which is what it used to mean back in the day) to distasteful or strange or mysterious or just not to one's liking.

Seriously, people, the English language has hundreds of thousands of words in common use. Use a few to explain what you mean instead of relying on these all-purpose buzzwords that mean nothing specific. Not that I don't use them but sometimes I have to ask people repeatedly before we find common understanding because someone appears to be a "loser" but give them an opportunity and this person shows how much character they have and were just a bit socially insecure. Or the music was 'kindah weird' because it was from a different country.

05-01-16, 10:08 AM
I went through a phase (still not fully out of it yet. I'm working on it though!) where I use to use the word 'hate' WAY too much, for WAY to many things. And often times I'd use the word to describe things I didn't really hate at all.

I didn't even notice it, till my therapist picked up on it one day. I think I was talking about my doctor or something and how I hated him. But I didn't really hate him at all...I had a great deal of respect for him.

I also play a card game where the word 'broken' is used a lot among those who play the game...where it means the opposite. When something is "broken" in the game, it's something that works TOO well :p.