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05-01-16, 12:05 PM
I have 22 days until my big exam. Yes a big exam and I cant seem to find time to sit my self down. I work a full time job, Im a mom 2 , one of my sons is on the spectrum, a wife, and a student.
But I am so unmotivated to study! Normally I wait until the last min and I always in up with 67, 65, 68 when passing is 70.

I promised when I took my last test, that I would not wait until the last minute to study again but that seems as what is happening again. My mind goes in 50 different directions.
I really need to pass! Any suggestions?

05-02-16, 07:53 PM
Have you discovered your hyperfocus? Basically we ADDers are not really "deficit" in attention; our attentions are just is different than normal. One of my hyperfocus areas is math. I find equations more easy to understand than long and boring paragraphs. I've hardly read any fiction novel in my life, sticking to non-fiction (and a long time ago as a teen, short stories).

It would be a good idea to discover what you are really interested in, and then take courses accordingly.

If the above is not relevant to you, then:

1. Do take strong coffee or those energy drinks.

2. Study in a small room with no distractions. Better still, go to a public library where you cannot get distracted!

But are you not taking any medication? I take Ritalin and it really helps me!

05-03-16, 04:36 AM
I really need to pass! Any suggestions?

Not to poop on your parade but have you considered withdrawing or dropping the class for now or putting off school a bit until you have more time to devote to just you?
Listen I barely got my degree because I got married and had a baby and still had about 1.5 years left. I also worked. I had very understanding professors and that is THE only way I made it.
I tried beauty school around 5 years ago. What a joke. I barely made it half a year before the adhd, bipolar and alcoholism took over.

Nothing is worth your sanity or mental health IMO.

05-03-16, 03:36 PM
I agree with sarahsweets.
It sounds to me like 1. you are NOT enjoying what you are studying 2. You have too much on your plate.
I'd take some time off and think about whether you want to continue studies in that area, or switch to something else, or just drop classes altogether.

What do you think?

05-03-16, 06:54 PM
That sounds very tough. Do you realistically have the time to study at all along with your other responsibilities?

If yes, maybe a bit of structure could help, e.g. staying everyday an hour later at work and studying there (if that is feasible it might be quieter and less distracting than at home)