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05-02-16, 12:34 PM
Imagine you walk on the street and we run into each other. No avatar, no sig, you and the person in front. Hell, me ^^

Forget how we present ourselves behind the screen, real curious what you're like for real. Some may appear very emotional or very rational where in every day life the mask is different. Me, don't know how I come over here, stopped caring, but in real life I'm sensitive and sensible, friendly but seem not too intelligent due to impulsive jokes and appear over confident, definitely odd/crazy when I get passionate or do voices, or imitate Jack Sparrow, generally immediately annoyed by traffic noises and tend to interrupt myself to apologize about talking too much and turn the discussion to whomever I'm with. I get intense on a few subjects I feel personal about. And quickly get intimate if I feel both are comfortable and don't hesitate to turn the moment into a bar or cinema or theater or whatever event occasion is available. I'll make a sarcastic joke and make fun of you and me both but make clear it's teasing, although I absolutely love to go to mean jokes if I notice the audience appreciates. And after one drink too many, HEAVY TUNES from the laptop !!!
If you have relations issues I tend to listen for too long and becomes a whine fest or a life-motivational speech exchange...

05-02-16, 01:28 PM
Ocyan. I have no doubt you would be you if I met you as you are on here. I haven't met many people i met thru online contact over the years but I'm assured that I'm just like I am online in person.

Except maybe quieter. I can be very quiet.

05-02-16, 03:31 PM
I find it harder to interact with people in real life than I do online so most stuff I say on here I wouldn't dare say in real life.

Plus I don't give random hugs in real life :o

Little Missy
05-02-16, 04:38 PM
I would know you the moment I laid eyes on you. Anywhere.

05-02-16, 10:42 PM
Haha Ocyan there are some things about you, I mean I think you're very different in ways too, but some things that really remind me of a friend of mine. I think I would still feel that way if I met you in person.

This is an interesting question though...I have nooo idea how I compare... I think I'm a little anxious maybe?? serious, polite, awkward/shy in big groups outside of music/dancing. If I'm happy/comfy I'm VERY happy and expressive :)

05-03-16, 12:54 AM
Yeah haha he guys feels good (and guilty how it feels good) but this isn't about me, it's about you - I was just an example, indication

Except I forgot to add the inevitable subjects of quantum physics and philosophy, we'd go deep, very deep, the more complex the better, preferably end on an unexpected conclusion

05-03-16, 01:07 AM
I'm reserved around people I don't know well- especially if I'm in a group.

I will speak up if I feel like I need to say something. I will stand my ground if I feel like the situation calls for it.

I will occasionally chat with a random person and I typically enjoy those exchanges. (Oddly enough)

For the people I know: I like to joke around. I occasionally meow.

05-03-16, 03:59 AM
Im exactly the same- seriously. Purple hair, boots, jeans. Very chatty and always friendly. We would probably meet either because I bumped into you while looking at the sky, or because we would have been waiting on a line for something somewhere, and I would be impatient and make some kind of sarcastic remark. I would hold off on the f-bomb right away, just to keep that lady-like aura about me. [;)]

05-03-16, 04:25 AM
If the situation is casual, I will be friendly and polite at first, and if it seems OK, I’ll become more engaged and become playful.

Certainly in person I am less reserved than I am in posting.

With the right feedback, I’ll show you my full odd duck!


Little Missy
05-03-16, 06:58 AM
Oh, me. Short, small, wild unruly hair, dazzling smile, green eyes, jeans, boots and I'm a bit on the loud side. Except when I am invisible.

05-03-16, 08:51 AM
If you run into a tie-dye shirt wearing, denim/straw/train conductor hat wearing, braided pigtailed "middle-aged" lady in jeans and rubber boots with a geometric design (or hiking sandals, or barefoot), that's me!!!! :D

Straight outta the garden and off the farm, baby. lol

In town to gather supplies or to do some bartering with others while having random sporadic conversations with strangers about everydamnthing, hugging a few here and there, all the while steadily spreading my hard-learned mindful knowtions everywhere I go.

Unless I'm having a rough day, then I'll just smile and share a polite greeting as I move on, or, unless I pick up on some strong a**hole vibes, then it becomes a form of entertainment along with an attempt to strongly advocate for self or another, if I'm able in the moment.

05-04-16, 12:16 PM
When you first met me...depending on where I'm at and who I'm'd think that I'm a very quiet, stern and judgemental person.
I walk around in the public with a very straight face, and almost no emotions when I'm when I'm at the store. It's just how I am. I don't laugh, I don't smile, I don't show any emotions.

But once you get to know me...or if you followed me around for a'd find that I'm a VERY polite and friendly person.

I'm not a big huger in real life lol...maybe that's why I'm such a big e-(((hugger))) online? Cause I don't get to experience that tender side of me enough in the 3d world? Who knows...but I sure do love me some e-(((hugs)))!! hehe


I use to be a completely different person 10 years ago. Someone who had TONS of paranoia and extreme issues with social anxieties...and even though I still struggle greatly with my self-esteem was WAAAAAY worse back then.
Then I started to chat with people online (through a game I was into)...and it changed everything. Where in the real world I was terrified of being myself...of talking because of the fear of sounding stupid and being hated...I was so easily and freely able to express myself online, and man...I loved it. I made some pretty close online friends...and sometimes we'd just sit there for hours not playing the game, but just chatting with each other...and I was witty and charming and fun and loving...just like I am here.
I was always super helpful too. I use to shower random new players with tons of in game currency and items to help them out...just to be nice...and I'd spend ALL day, for days on end, grinding through the game collecting things...just to give to my online friends. Again...just to be nice.
I love helping people. It makes me feel so good!
And it was so genuine. There was nothing fake about it. It was a me that I kept hidden away from the 3d word cause I thought I'd be hated for being so goofy and sensitive and what not. I'm not exactly the stereotypical 'guy' lol.

I think I'm just about the same kind of person in real life as I am online...a big goofy dork who loves to make others smile and feel good. It's just how I am :).