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05-03-16, 09:00 PM
I had an epiphany, one of which I really should have thought about when I was in school much earlier. When I study or do homework I struggle to complete it even if I stand still and crank at it all day. I just get stuck on a problem and I cannot figure it out or feel to mind numb to search for a solution. The harder I try the more I fall into this daze or brain fog.

This brain fog has driven me to a point where I am in my senior year and I can no longer physically/mentally pass my classes even after 2 semester break. It is as if this brain fog will switch on when I am standing for long periods (i.e. Lecture) or if I am doing a programming assignment/homework. I cannot code to save my life and any help people give me makes no sense. It is as if I am a brain dead zombie. what can make this even crappier it can come within an hour or several and it most certainly happens during exams (probably why I can only get a 75% at best! with most in F or D range).

I'm beginning to wonder if this is the culprit to my poor academic performance. If this something normal for everyone? Could this be from anxiety or bad diet? I feel like I am figuring out why I am struggling with school. Now I do take Adderall but it can only help so much and that in itself can be a whole different topic. I'm lost as to where I can find help with my academic performance!

05-03-16, 11:55 PM
Do you receive any accomodations?

Sorry you're struggling so much. :grouphug:

05-04-16, 01:09 AM
I do receive time + half for exams and while I use every minute it can take me a day just to recover from the brain fog. Part of me believes this is caused by prolonged anxiety when focusing on a task, though I'm not sure where I should search for help.

05-04-16, 01:38 AM
I couldn't even get through that whole post because of the same kind of brain fog issue. I'm having difficulty with school too. And when I read or focus too long, the fog gets REALLY bad and I get headaches and really tired and I'm basically useless for maybe a couple hours until my brain clears up. By the time the school disability department gets back to me, I'll have a week and a half left of this class and then I'll have to apply again.