View Full Version : Concerta Appears to Be Less Effective?

05-04-16, 04:05 PM
Hey everyone,

I am a 15 year old male who was diagnosed with ADHD about 3 weeks ago. I was prescribed 36mg of Concerta. For the first week, I took it for only 3 days because I had to go on a field trip for school (and it's not needed for that). The second week, I took it for 4 days (another field trip). I also don't take it on weekends. The days I was on the medication for the first two weeks were great, I felt focused, concentrated, motivated, etc... Today and yesterday, however, I have been feeling more distracted and it feels harder to focus. Is the medication losing its effect? Or what is it? Is it time to try a new medication?


05-04-16, 05:07 PM
I dont understand why you do not take it everyday. Adhd still affects you even when you are on a field trip. Its not like you only have impairments in school.
Consistency is key with these meds.