View Full Version : Vyvanse cures my physical symptoms of anxiety

05-08-16, 01:16 AM
So I figured I'd start a new thread for this to get people's input and see if they have the same thing happen for them.

^^This is just a link to my vyvanse "experience" in case you want to follow along in my journey lol :p


I don't get panic attacks or anything like that however I usually get physical symptoms of anxiety on and off all day which results in a burning sharp upper chest pain. Usually it really becomes bothersome when I am sleep deprived or just under a lot of stress.

I don get worry anxiety or anything like this but when my mind goes from thought to thought it does sort of spark the physical symptoms in my chest.

When I take vyvanse this literally disappears. It dosnt matter how high I go on the dose (I have tried 60mg in the past I'm now on 40mg) I get 0 added anxiety and whatever physical anxiety symptoms I get in my chest area which occur randomly for no specific reason other then lack of sleep stress etc... Vyvanse completely gets rid of this

Anyone experience this with not just vyvanse specifically but with any ADHD med?

05-15-16, 04:15 AM
While Adderall/Vyvanse has caused some minor anxiety for me in the past, it sometimes reduces it by increasing my mental integrity and confidence. Not all anxiety is the same, so for me it can work both ways. I wouldn't say your results are abnormal.