View Full Version : Stimulants & understanding “the true nature of reality” (and related stuff)

05-09-16, 01:41 AM
Hello. :) I came across this posting on Bluelight by a person who takes stimulants to treat ADHD. I don’t have an account on Bluelight and it’s an old post. I don't relate exactly to what is said in this post but I do relate to a degree and wonder if I might understand the experience that he/she is trying to convey.

I am curious if there is anyone here who has further thoughts on this post or wants to answer the question(s) that the poster asks? Anything related. Very curious.

Poster writes:

“I have used stimulants for treating ADHD for about 15 years now. In this same time I have been awakened to some ideas that seem to be validated by modern science; reality is much more complex and simultaneously less solid than we previously understood. I can say with absolute certainty that my comprehension of the scientific evidence would not have been possible without the use of pharmaceutical amphetamines. Whether this is because the meds are alleviating my symptoms, or something else I cannot say for certain. My hypothesis is that after a certain chemical threshold is reached, the adhd is just a different way to process raw data, and the stimulant is only increasing the cycles per second operations in the entire cerebral cortex. this would seem advantageous when attempting to comprehend concepts of great complexity and abstraction. I wish i had the education to properly express how this works; i only know it does. I have never learned my multiplication tables, dropped out of high school before i learned trigonometry, yet i held a 4.0 gpa in college (for 3 semesters, granted) and began to research higher dimensional geometry while the meds were active in my system, just because it seemed interesting. I have learned a great deal about myself, the universe, and perhaps, what lies beyond all of it. now, when i take my 'brain batteries' i use every minute to deepen my understanding of the true nature of reality. I am beginning to connect with others who understand what i am talking about and my personal views and observations seem to be sound and accepted. However, arriving at this place in my mind by way of the specific drug i have used (Adderall) seems less common. I am writing this to attempt to contact anyone who has experienced anything similar with this medication. thank you for your time.”

Poster responds to a comment by saying:

“I never meant to imply stimulants exponentially increased intelligence, simply that they may allow people to think in ways otherwise impossible, and that learning new concepts while in the altered state leaves the unaltered mind with new information. The long term cognitive processes seems to change (not always for the better) which may be used advantageously in certain very specific areas of thinking. I am intimately aware of the difference between twacked out and 'normal' : it feels like i don't have access to a large part of my brain. this was the first thing i noticed in 6th grade when I first got the diagnosis (subsequently asperger's has been added and debated as a diagnosis) and when I took the meds for the first time: i could think! whether it was clear and normal is debatable. but the problem I have (that wont clear when i 'come down' is that the ideas are not mine; its quantum physics. the properties of matter that physicists like hawking and greene write about. I don't mean to say I gain superpower, i just seem to see the connections. Maybe im still that kid in 6th grade amazed at being able to finally read and understand something longer than a bazooka Joe comic strip! idk, but that's why i posted here; anyone who has any experience with long term adderall use and weird stuff that turned out to be true leave a long detailed breakdown of what is going on.”