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05-10-16, 09:31 AM
Hello one and all, I am 35 year old male, and was recently diagnosed with ADHD. Part of my thinks I have had it my whole life, but it was never officially diagnosed. I was put on Vyvanse for 2 reasons, the first is for my ADHD, and second to help treat me Binge Eating Disorder. This is my first time ever taking a stimulant medication, and I did 2 tester doses in the beginning, I was on 30, 50, and 70 mg. I tried each one out and the 30mg did not really do much, and the 70 was too much, so I tried the 50 mg and was doing quite well on it for a bit. I was like a new man, on autopilot knocking out tasks and for the first time in years I was motivated to do things around the house, and I was also losing weight. Then after a few weeks I would get off of work and just be exhausted, and have no energy, and have to fight to stay awake. I had no idea why all of a sudden I went from boundless energy to lethargy and a huge crash. I looked online and found that although Vyvanse could last 12-14 hours there is a chance it could fizzle out in about 6-8 hours. Well I guessed that is what was happening to me so I called my doctor and spoke with her, and she upped my dosage to 70mg. I have been taking the 70 for a couple months now, and have recently noticed the initial rush of energy and autopilot like focus of knocking out tasks has dwindled away. My appetite is also slowing coming back, I have lost 26 pounds since February, I still eat but the amount I eat and my urge to binge has greatly diminished. Since this is my first medication of its kind I have ever taken, I am just scared that it is going to stop working, or become less effective. I just do not want to backslide and go back to how things were before I was diagnosed because that life was miserable. I tried to look and find answer in a Google search but I can not find what it is I was looking for there. Over time does your body accept the medication as new normal and they begin to work in harmony? Or does what I am feeling mean I am on the right type of medication, but just need to try a different brand like adderall, ritalin, or dexedrine (sp?).

Little Nut
05-10-16, 03:56 PM
Pez, Was the Vyvanse at least treating your ADHD symptoms to acceptable levels w/o any concerning side effects? Others are going to be much better than me for their experiences w/ Vyvanse as it applies to your questions about Vyvanse Dosing.

I do know over time some people will "poop out" and need to try something different, but a "few weeks" seems a little short. How long was the 50 mg working to treat your ADHD symptoms? When you say that at the end of the day you were exhausted, but were your ADHD symptoms still being addressed? (For me I mentally check my working memory and focus.) I know with IR drugs you need to take a large enough dose to treat your symptoms and a subsequent dose just before your previous dose wears off. So for fine tuning you have to figure out whether you need a larger dose or an additional dose later on to extend the effects (hope that makes sense). Like I mentioned above, others will provide better feedback on Vyvanse.

05-10-16, 06:31 PM
Your exhaustion may be the result of you getting by on less sleep than your body needs over that period of time (due to meds), it will be trying to make up for that lost time.

The same goes for your eating habits returning to normal.

Vyvanse is tricking your body into working a way it's not used to- but slowly that trickery will wear off and go back to normal.

Try tackle your eating disorder and get into better sleeping patterns and then re-try.

Hopefully you will fare better.

Take care.

The ADD Advisor
05-10-16, 07:17 PM
Try eating smaller meals every two hours throughout the day. This can help regulate blood sugar levels and may help "smooth out" some of the ups-and-downs you are experiencing.

05-11-16, 08:03 AM
I was sleeping the same amount between 7 and 8 hours a night, I but back on the calories I was consuming by not binging. I took the medication at about the same time each morning,(between 5:30-6 am) I start work earlier on 2 days. When I first took the medication I was fine all day into the night, then one day around 3 or so in the afternoon, I was done, I had to fight to stay awake to take care of my kids. But I was just out of gas, which was odd because before that I was full of energy and it lasted most of the day. I have tried to eat breakfast, then take med, not eat and take meds, space out the time to see if the effects would last longer but it did not help I would come home sit on the couch and almost pass out. I have been on the 70 mg dose for a couple months now, and the energy is there, I feel like maybe it is not controlling the ADHD like it did before, but I am not sure. I almost felt this rush and snap into focus, but that has gone away. I am just scared that the Vyvanse is not working as well as it should, but if I try a different medication will I regret it? Also I am not sure if this is a real medical condition or how to even go about checking into it, but can a persons body hyper metabolize medications and burn through them rapidly? I was taking testosterone therapy and from the blood work results my body burned through the testosterone in a few days instead of the time it was supposed to last. I am wondering if it could be doing the same with the Vyvanse?

Little Nut
05-11-16, 10:02 PM
Pez, A few of my thoughts. First, forget about the Snap focus and high energy levels for now. You have to be objective here. You should have a mental list of your ADHD symptoms, that have been an issue for you. If you're drawing a blank, use this ( to refresh your memory. (It is an old DSM-4 list, but it'll do.) Take the mental list of your problem symptoms and based on real instances over the past month or more rate how well the Vyvanse did for each of them. Actual examples of when that symptom was a problem or the Vyvanse eliminated the problem and allowed to work an issue. After this you should know if it fully treated all of your symptoms most of the time. Also try to answer how long was the vyvanse effective for treating your symptoms during the day.

05-12-16, 09:27 AM
Thank you Little Nut, I think because I have never been on a medication like this I did not really know what to expect. Looking over the checklist, I see that a lot of the issues I had before are no longer present. Some are still there though, I fidget, tap my feet, and bounce my legs. I am able to finish projects, and tasks even if they are boring, I kind of need to force myself to do them but I am able to do them. I think I just need to relearn how to live my life day to day while on the medication, and remember that I still have to do the normal things, and that a medication will not change me, just fix some of the issues I was struggling with.

Little Nut
05-12-16, 01:21 PM
Pez, issues that still exist and you feel are a problem...are still problems to work on imho. Giving specific examples when it was a problem helps reinforce to your Doc that it is a problem to address. Not trying to put words in your mouth, but I guess you have expectations on how long your med(s) should last for you, I expect 12 hours routinely. Is the Vyvanse working as long as you want/need? I wasn't sure if it was too short or it lasted long enough, but when it started wearing off you became physically exhausted and couldn't do much. I bet working and taking care of kids you need to function for some time after getting home. -LN

05-13-16, 07:16 AM
The 50 mg dose did begin to wear off, but since changing to the 70 mg dose I am able to make it through the day without becoming tired. I am just noticing the effects do not seem as potent as they did in the beginning, but maybe now that I have been taking it for a while this is the new normal, and I just need to motivate myself and realize a pill can not make me superman.

05-19-16, 02:26 PM
The 50 mg dose did begin to wear off, but since changing to the 70 mg dose I am able to make it through the day without becoming tired. I am just noticing the effects do not seem as potent as they did in the beginning, but maybe now that I have been taking it for a while this is the new normal, and I just need to motivate myself and realize a pill can not make me superman.

I've had a similar experience. For a long time I was on 40-50 mg of Vyvanse once a day, and it lasted through most of the day. After about a year, though, it started wearing off more and more quickly, and I would start to crash in the early afternoon. I went to 30 mg twice a day, and have been on that for several months now. It's much smoother, with less side effects (less nervousness and irritability), and lasts through most of the day now.

As for the effects not being as potent overall, this is pretty common, and again I wouldn't worry about it as long as you are getting symptom control.

05-20-16, 01:52 AM
I have no certainty as of to why, but when I took Vyvanse in 2007/2008 I discovered it had a "crash" I didn't experience on a 20/10mg split dose of Adderall IR, however now I don't experience that crash.

My hypothesis, is that now that I am older my brain is operating at a lower activity than it was in 07/08 so now even on 70mg Vyvanse I never get "kicked up" enough to experience a crash. I also found the 20/10mg split dose of Adderall IR to last longer than 1x 30mg Adderall XR or 1x 70mg Vyvanse.

Also, some doctors don't recognize it, but there are some therapeutic differences between levoamphetamine and dextroamphetamine, so if you for example switch to a split Adderall IR schedule you may experience either an improvement in effectiveness or more side effects instead. From what I can tell, more people believe Adderall is more prone to anxiety, however for some like myself, find that that that same difference that is prone to anxiety is the effect that is needed to better relieve ADD symptoms. Most notably for me, the Adderall has a better effect on my memory.

Also don't forget it is plausible diet changes can effect the duration and effectiveness of your Vyvanse. I find any food before or within the first 3 hours of my Vyvanse intake greatly decreases its effectiveness and duration. High fat foods seem to be the worse. I also avoid soda's in the first 1/3 of my day as they seem to have some dampening of its effects also.

05-20-16, 02:34 AM
I always like to say this first: I dont like vyvanse. It does work really well for some people but for me, it never lasted the purported 12 hours. To be fair I do have absorption issues so this could be a unique issue with me. For me, it took an hour or two to get going and fizzeled out after about 8 hours. For me, it helped to eat something right after I took it. So if I took it at say 6am, I would eat an hour later and that seemed to help. Alot of people that have issues with vyvanse do better with adderall or dexedrine.

05-21-16, 05:45 PM
DexAmp describes a chemical structure/formula.

But DexAmp is not DexAmp!?!?!?!?!

The difference is the base material you make it of what the pharmacy calls "galenics". This base material has different price which usually makes "genericas" cheaper.

So, genericas have the same chemical formula but the difference for many med users is they are responding better on other galenics.

Over here we have Attentin (DexAmp), Elvanse (Vyvanse), liquid D/L-Amp and some liquid DexAmp.

I could only try two different amphetamine products: Attentin and Elvanse.

Attentin for me comes faster and direct and makes a strictly definated rebound at the end. Vyvanse is so much clearer and cleaner due to its galenics and its effect is even more subtle and controllable (hunting or relaxing) but it is much harder to dose. Vyvanse has no definated end for me and in the beginning i had problems with crashing after 8 hours. Due to small rises in the dosage i got it under control now. Vyvanse also has a positive side effect on me on the next day when i dont take it due to its intestinal absorbance.

Now after six months of Vyvanse and dosage experiments and starting at 30mg i am prescribed to daily 1x40mg or 1/2x70mg. I try to find the perfect dose between 35-40mg which is not easy as its impossible to make Vyvanse liquid in water. I have a very perfect measuring system and fill it under heavy centrifugal rotation (simple milk frothers end in a DREMEL) in a glass to adjust the dosage.