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05-10-16, 12:11 PM
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Hello addforums..

I'm 28 and was finally diagnosed with ADHD last week.. After years of people telling me it's impossible because I was diagnosed with the avoidant personality disorder at age 20. (I always knew I developed the PD because of ADHD.. )

Above story unrelated but I wasted half my life and I am bitter. :P

I was prescribed 2x 10mg Ritalin per day on Friday (May 6) and noticed amazing changes during the next day including catching myself losing focus so I could correct myself, thinking before I speak and even found myself buying a cheap sandwich for lunch instead of McDonalds + a Kebab and not thinking about the consequences(Money). It was a good and maybe even emotional day for me.

Sunday till Monday it wasn't so great, I only felt tired with increased hyperfocus. I could only sit still and read stuff online and had no interest in interaction.

Today I talked with my doc who prescribed me 20mg 20mg 10mg per day with the intention that I would experiment a little and see whats right for me.

Today I've taken 20mg in the morning and another 20mg about 5 hours later and I feel exactly the same... Is this normal? Am I confusing being tired with being calm? Will it go away? etc etc.


20mg per day and 40mg per day both make me tired and give me extreme hyperfocus. Whats up?

P.S I am 1.80 72KG, eat 3 meals a day. I'm mostly at home but I walk everywhere. (At least 4KM a day) Go to bed before midnight and wake up at 9. (Using Seroquel 50mg to sleep).


The ADD Advisor
05-10-16, 07:14 PM
You might have better luck with Adderall, as it has a tendency to be more potent. You might also talk to your doctor about Trazodone for sleep, as it is commonly prescribed in conjunction with stimulants.

Seroquel is known for it's sedative properties. It's also known to cause weight gain, which could be a contributing factor in feeling sluggish.

06-03-16, 06:33 PM
Why do you need a sleeping pill when you take Ritalin which makes you tired?

#1-Ritalin calms you down and stops mental carousel. Ritalin is a perfect sleeping pill for ADHD.

#2-You might be tired because you take sleeping pills.

I have been prescribed to Ritalin for over two years. Then I was switched to Vyvanse and
had sleeping problems after its effectiveness. Ritalin helps many people for better sleeping.
I fall easily into sleep taking 5mg Ritalin IR after midnight.

06-03-16, 08:00 PM
Are you prescribed to Ritalin IR (immediate release pills) or Ritalin retard (delayed release capsules)?

If you have the pills you could try taking 10mg in the morning, 5mg (half pill) 4-5 hours later or
when you feel a crash and another 5mg another 4-5 hours later when there could be another
crash and IMO it is always a good idea to go sleeping before or directly at the last crash.

I used to take 15/5/5/5mg. 20mg in the morning were too much, made me dizzy and sometimes
nearly fall over while walking or standing up.

I would not call it feeling tired while hyperfocus. For me it was more like supercalm and hyperfocused.
When I felt tired on Ritalin I always was either really tired or had a lack of sleep which also means I really
had to take a nap.