View Full Version : Open Energy Realization

05-10-16, 02:09 PM
I've been trying to get in touch with my spiritual side and I have made a recent discovery.

You know how with singing - when you force yourself to sing - pushing out the air hard - and your neck becomes strained and it just doesn't work so well?

But, when you finally relax and stop forcing and feel the sound move out of you and let the air flow lightly and it all becomes an efflortless flow.

It's like that with spiritual energy.

You can't "force" yourself to be open and force energy to flow. You can't force that connection within yourself.

It will happen when you let go and release yourself from trying so hard - which you also can't think hard about. You won't even realize the point that you let go - but you will surely notice the energy flowing through you when it does happen. Effortless, without force or strain. Like the center - your heart's doors - have opened and everything is flowing freely.

And then, when it does, you'll "get it."