View Full Version : Tics That Don't Appear Until Adulthood

05-12-16, 10:51 PM
I know this is the only post here, but hopefully someone will see it.
So I recently developed tics this year with my mouth. I never had them in childhood. Anyone else have this? I started Adderall this year, and I'm wondering if that could have triggered it...

05-12-16, 11:52 PM
Stimulants can trigger tics in some people. Jaw clenching, grinding teeth, and similar issues can be side effects of stimulants as well. If you've never had tics before, and if it is a medication side effect, it's probably not likely to be diagnosed as Tourette's.

These side effects may suggest that the dose is too high, and they may not be a problem at a lower dose. For some people, they may occur even at lower doses. If the medications are otherwise beneficial, there may be ways to mitigate these problem, like using a mouth guard to prevent tooth damage, or chewing gum.

Caffeine and other stimulants consumed in addition to Adderall may exacerbate the problem.

Other medications, like antipsychotics, can also sometimes cause tics and involuntary movements, so if you're taking anything else, you might want to verify whether it's the Adderall or something else.

It's definitely something to discuss with your doctor -- the two of you can try to figure out whether the Adderall is the cause of the tics, and if so, whether it may be worth changing the dose, switching to a different medication, or deciding to live with it.

Best wishes.

05-13-16, 11:14 AM
Alright, thanks for replying. Yeah the thing is, I'm actually off of the Adderall right now, but I still have them, so I don't know. I did talk to my doctor and psychiatrist about this, and they couldn't really tell me anything, so that's why I;m asking here :p
He said that he didn't think I have Tardive Dyskinesia and that Adderall didn't cause tics, but after reading around online, I highly doubt that's true. Maybe it's that I had a genetic disposition for it and Adderall just brought it to surface?