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05-13-16, 07:22 AM
Does anyone take Vyvanse in the morning, then also have a second prescription for a smaller dose of another stimulant they take in the afternoon? If so how does it work for you? Also what is the second medication?

05-15-16, 07:11 PM
I am finding a trend of people complaining that Vyvanse in max MFG dose (70mg) is more common than such with Adderall. I have a doctor who insists that somehow Vyvanse is safer than Adderall but that is complete bull... If you take your medication as prescribed, orally, there is no more abuse potential with Adderall than Vyvanse, in fact I would claim the opposite, since Vyvanse takes longer to become active and maybe isn't as strong, people with lesser self control may take more Vyvanse than prescribed. But that isn't your question.

I haven't ever split the dose of Vyvanse up, with or without a doctors approval, but for me, when I use my preferred method, I find Vyvanse to last over 12 hours. What I do is I take the medicine (Vyvanse 70mg) when I get up in the morning or sometimes 2 hours before I get up with the help of an alarm. I avoid food for at least 3 hours after taking, I then find I usually get about 12 hours of effective ADD-inattentive treatment. If I eat within the first 3 hours, even within 2 hours, the medication is less effective and doesn't last as long. I have tested my hypothesis/method many times over the last 5 months and have had very consistent results. The only thing I haven't tested enough to set my data in stone is liquid intake and its effect on total body absorption. I once drank quite a bit of water with no food after taking my Vyvanse and found a diluted effect, so from then forward I limited my liquid (water) intake to 4oz, but I think that actually hurt or made for more inconsistent absorption, I now drink about 8-10oz water with my medication and without an extensive trial phase I think that is superior to both 4oz water and 20oz+ water. Unfortunately I did find milk/cereal (Strawberry frosted Wheaties) to consistently hurt absorption and effectiveness 2/3 as bad as solid food, which was more than 50% from fasting.

If your doctor gives you the option, you may want to try Adderall. I found a split dose of 20/10mg daily to be the most effective ADD treatment I have ever tried. I preferred the 20/10mg IR split dose to the 30mg XR.

05-16-16, 08:19 AM
I wake up take my meds between 5:30 and 6am, currently on Brintellix 20mg, 70mg of Vyvanse, and an allergy medicine. I make a cup of coffee I drink throughout the morning. I go to work Monday through Friday and then I eat my first meal between 11:30am and 1pm depending on how busy I am. I do notice that like today my morning is busy and I am more active I feel the Vyvanse starting up, a slight queasy feeling in my lower gut, and sweating. But on more sedentary mornings I do not feel the start up quite as potently. Maybe I just need to get up and move more? I just feel bad having all these questions, and I do not know people who take these kinds of medications in the real world, which is why I am grateful I found this forum.