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05-13-16, 10:30 AM
Hey all:

So I recently had been diagnosed with ADHD. Im in a pickle. I personally have trouble with anxiety issues. The Vyvanse helped tremendously but we couldn't find a right dose. The issues were once vyvanse wore off, my anxiety would drastically increase.

I traditionally treat my anxiety and apparently ADHD with a lot of exercise. Recently I have to get a spinal fusion, so my outlets are gone. Im scared a little bit t try another medication because of this increase in anxiety. Just curious if anyone has had this problem on concerta?

Im at the point where I want to try it, because im struggling horribly right now with being immobile, and if it helps my anxiety, and racing thoughts go down, it would potentially help. However, im scared as last time it increased my anxiety. The kicker is im horrible with SSRIs, in terms of very adverse reactions. (Suicidal thoughts etc). So I am very reluctant to try SNRIs as well, just because its a hard time as it is being imobile and disables. I have surgery in about a month, so I dont even know if I should try any of this right now. Just seeing if anyone had similar concerns, or if I should just go for it?

Thanks all, you have helped me so much!

08-12-16, 08:22 AM
Im not sure I'd be much help, Concerta is the only adhd med Ive tried, and i was diagnosed only 7 months ago. Concerta personally does wonders for my mind, including my anxiety and panic (that i create)..for my mind that is. The physical side effects i experiece on concerta; sweating profusively, intense heart palpitations, increased heart rate and nausea/vomiting, extreme loss of appetite and weight loss. So the physical side effects are making me feel the anxiety and my panic attacks have increased lately
Concerta works well for me though, so my dr and i are working on eliminating the negative side effects, hopefully lowering the anxiety. Keep in mind im one person, some may not have the same.
Hope that helps in some way? Good luck