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05-14-16, 10:03 AM
Background: My son is 15. He's highly intelligent and shows a lot of traits of both ASD and ADHD. The ASD is probably more noticeable and he is more able to see that in himself. It's never caused him huge problems at school, he compensates well and has been mostly happy and well catered for.
But recently he decided that he wants to know for sure - about the ASD which he is very sure about. The ADHD he's a bit resistant to. I'm not sure why, but I don't think he likes the idea of medication.

Anyway. I took him to the doctor to request a referral for an ASD diagnosis. She said fine.
But the letter just came through from the community paediatrician and in the letter they say 'we're writing to you because your GP has referred you for ADHD assessment' :scratch: and they sent a set of Conners questionnaires.

Talked to my son, got him to look at a checklist for ADHD in teens/adults and he agreed that he has many of the traits. So we filled out the forms and sent them back - along with a letter explaining that we actually requested an ASD referral, so could they consider that too, but as we think he shows signs of both... then let's push on with ADHD assessment anyway :D

Bizarrely this is the opposite of what happened with my 13 year old daughter, when I took her to see the paed age 11 after requesting a referral for ADHD (which I'm sure she has) and he ended up zoning in on her ASD traits and funneling her into that diagnosis route (although ADHD is still on the table). Two years later, we're still waiting *sigh*

05-14-16, 10:10 AM
Ehhh I'm not in a position to read beyond two line but

Good luck !!!

Something about your son, trouble with ADHD, duaghter, teenage, hard, ASD what's that ?


I'm reading from upside down to the beginning and right to left to the middle picking up stuff

ADHD assessment yes !

:D you'll make it

05-14-16, 12:03 PM
I'm reading from upside down to the beginning and right to left to the middle picking up stuff

OMG that's exactly how I read things unless they're narrative :yes:
and thanks!

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Only way to keep life entertaining :D

And... big troubles reading blocks, so whatever I read, react immediately then keep swiping my eyes over the original post in weird directions until I slowly get the main idea

05-14-16, 08:32 PM
Glad that's happening. Good luck with further assessments for both.

It used to be that ASD and ADHD weren't supposed to be diagnosed together, and the reason for that was apparently that ASD was considered to automatically entail ADHD, so it would be redundant. The reason it changed was because a lot of ASD kids were being blocked from ADHD treatment that would help them. It does kind of seem like ASD is ADHD plus some other problems, but sometimes the ADHD traits are milder than would normally get someone diagnosed for ADHD.