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05-15-16, 08:36 AM
Brief history:
1st med he tried (he took it for the better part of 2.5 years)
Methlphenidate SR (ritalin tabs)- ended at 40 mgs
- Stopped using because he wasn't getting enough relief with dosage increase and his mood swings were concerning everyone.

So we thought we would just try a different med. and it would be simple fix. It wasn't that easy...

3rd med he tried (he took it for 4 days - it scared us a lot)
Amphetamine salt (generic adderall xr) - 20 mgs
-Stopped using because it appeared to do nothing and caused emotional instability. This is when we called the pysch\nuero for an appt.

2nd and 4th drug he has tried (in order)and he is
Methylphendiate ER (concerta) - 36 mgs
-Mixed reviews by the teachers, some days they think its a miracle drug, some days they think he didn't take it (he did).

ALSO trying .1 mgs of Clonodin to control impulsivity
He took it yesterday and the difference was amazing. Much like the first time he took a 5 mg dose of ritalin at 7 years old.
- He answered questions. Even multiple questions - in complete sentences. He seemed to suddenly mature about 3 years.
ex: i said do you want to split an omelet with me and then you can have a doughtnut - he replied "yeah i should have a proper breakfast".
- And he ate food. He never eats once he takes his adhd med.

He stayed pretty focused on his projects all day. He ate lunch and dinner. He seemed to stay upbeat and answered questions when asked. His responses were funny and witty.

He did take a nap around noon and slept for about an hour. Which i know is normal and i am hoping doesn't continue too long. I totally foresee the school sending him home if he can't keep his eyes open. Which i know makes sense but he has been coming home early about 1x a week (for one reason or another since the beginning of the med change - weeks ago). I worry about his attendance and how he will be effected when I have to enroll in him another district for 6th grade. (we are currently in a charter school in Michigan).

The Clonidin scares me, I am not going to lie. I never thought I would be a parent that would give my kid a blood pressure med to help him get through school. But its so much worse than just trouble with school work. I know you guys understand. My small support group of friends (who have kids with adhd) didn't say much when i told them I was willing to try it and I guess that means they don't agree? Not that i need anyone to agree, i don't give them too much info on his day to day challenges because i don't think it would be nice for me to dump that on anyone. But he struggles a lot. With the work, the teachers, the rules, and the OTHER KIDS. The other kids....that is a whole other chapter of confusion for me. Anyway, I am just looking for input, info, or support.


05-15-16, 09:53 AM
this is about my 9 (soon to be 10 year old son).... He has adhd. And we have been treating it with meds since he was turning 7. He is having major problems with school (completing work and being productive) academically i am told he is average. But I know they believe he is really bright. He is in 3rd grade and reading at a 6th grade level. The only thing he likes to do at school is read. He hates to write, his handwriting it horrible. he has the typical poor fine motor skills of a adhd kid. He doesn't like math. I think because (right now) its mostly memorizing patterns to solve problems and thats hard for a kid with adhd (whose meds that aren't working). basically he goes to school and spends most of the day trying to go home. :(

05-15-16, 10:18 AM
Wow i have really been gone for a long time....i forget to add soo many things.

He is getting his meds through his Pediatrician and getting "therapy" through the school social worker. I haven't taken him to counseling up til now, because honestly - i was a kid that was dragged to "counselors" all through my teen age years and i really don't believe it helped. i just resented it. they were never clear why i was there - i "think" it had to do with the disfunction of the family (ie, alcohol abuse).

I do feel comfortable now taking him, because i can say to him - this is WHY we are doing this. And spell out the reasons in a clear way.

"You have cried yourself to sleep, and i think talking to someone outside the family will give you new ideas"....etc.

His pediatrician asked that we take him to see a pysch\nuero before the clonidin was prescribed because he is just not finding anything that significantly helps. So i found a pysch locally and he will go in June.

I wonder if she can give him any more specialized evaluation?

We have never done a "adhd eval" other than every doctor who has ever seen him off meds - told me yes, he has adhd. Its really clear. He is one of those kids that don't really require a lot of observing to believe. I have had senior citizens in restaurant waiting areas suggest i put him on a leash for his own safety. Its that kind of hyper. I didn't even get offended when they said it because i could see the concern in their eyes.

anyway...i am hopeful the psych will give me some good information and help.

at this point, my expectations are pretty low, so i won't be disappointed i guess.

06-14-16, 08:24 AM
Hi. thanks for this post.
Can't add much in terms of advice. But just add that we are very much in a similar situation with our 8-yo son, also on 36mg Concerta and Clonidin.
It controls hyperactiveness and impulsivity somewhat, but still struggling at school with stuff like blurting out answers, etc etc.
Definetily not our silver bullet, and before meds kick-in or depletes, it's a real struggle to control him.

06-15-16, 06:31 AM
i urge you to get an outside therpist, one not associted with the school.

07-09-16, 02:26 PM
I know my post was kind of rambling and didn't really ask anything...i think i was just piecing together my thoughts as i posted...
since this last post - we met his new psychiatrist who is taking over on prescriber of the meds and she decided since all was going well with the current meds she wasn't going to change anything now. but (and i really liked this) she said her goal is always to get the child off meds or on as few as needed.

she said she feels he exhibits a lot of qualities of autism (specifically aspergers, but i guess thats not an actual diagnosis anymore) but he has a lot of qualities thats totally out of the norm for a kid with autism...but that she felt confident that he would fall on the spectrum - but at the VERY top of the functioning side and since that wouldn't really change anything re: his treatment - getting him evaluated for that at this time isn't super important.

The BIG surprise of the appointment was this - she changed his main diagnosis from ADHD to anxiety.

He was diagnosed with 3 types:

She also feels that his ADHD (while she believes he has it) is probably not his biggest problem and if we address the severe anxiety we will see a significant decrease in his ADHD symptoms.

Soooo that was interesting...

Yesterday he saw his therapist for the first time.
He was tired from lack of sleep and the clonodin, and either cat napped AND OR pretended to be asleep (so he wouldn't have to talk) for the better part of the appt.

The therapist was very nice. Seemed genuinely interested in what i had to say. Yes, i did 90% of the talking. I know thats not really how its supposed to go...but he was not talking and i am getting a bill for this so i figured i would lay it all out there...

He asked if he was scheduled for the autism evaluation....i said the Dr. didn't say i needed to do that.
He suggested waiting to see how this school year goes before we decide on that.... and he said there is a pretty good chance if he is reading at a 6th grade level (regardless of the work he is actually producing) if he is reading at a 6th grade level, and they are teaching at a 3rd grade level...that he is mostly just bored and doesn't feel interested in the work on top of the general lack of interest from the ADHD.

And he will be going back every 2 weeks....

So thats that...we are slowly getting in the groove of therapy and keeping our eyes open to other diagnosis.

And as a side note - his fear of heights has increased about 100% since we found out about the severe anxiety...I always said he has a LOT of anxiety but no one seemed to care until I talked to his psych...very glad his pediatrician made me. lol.