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05-16-16, 12:16 AM
I'm having a difficult time putting together a schedule for my boss. He has high expectations. I have several categories of information that need to be organized into calendars.

I'm looking for outside help but know I have to do some myself. Does anyone have any advice for me?

05-16-16, 02:10 AM
You can download calendar models from Excel, and personalize them.

05-16-16, 01:31 PM
What kind of information that needs to be organized? Could you use something like Google Calendar, where you can create multiple calendars in one account and make them all different colors so it's easy to see which event goes with which calendar? I use that a lot at work - I have a few of my own calendars to help me organize things and then we also have several shared calendars for different teams.

05-18-16, 12:07 PM
Any information system (and a calendar counts) runs on some basic principles:

Start by figuring out how your boss will be using the calendar. How does he plan his day, what information is most important to have at his fingertips, that sort of thing.

Step 2: Figure out what info you need, and in what format, to make it easiest to create and maintain that information. Hide the rest of the info in a drawer somewhere in case his needs change.

Rule #1: Only store information in one place. You can ideally find different ways to print information, but only have one record to keep up to date.

Rule #2: Only collect and/or handle the information you need to produce the results for the boss.

Rule #3: Do your best to adjust collection of information to suit the jobs of those involved, and the output of information to suit your boss's needs.

Hope this is helpful general info. If you give us an example (be sure to generalize so you don't run the risk of identifying important info) we might be able to offer some practical support.

05-18-16, 12:41 PM
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