View Full Version : 15 male, not sure if ADHD

05-17-16, 02:15 AM
Iím 15, currently in grade 10 and after some research a couple months ago I realized how much of ADHD symptoms I relate too, I am aware everyone can to an extent but I do believe I can relate to every single symptom in all aspects of my life. I could relate to the same symptoms when I was younger (12 and under) My question is, is it uncommon to get diagnosed when your 15?
I feel I will get brushed off or not taken seriously if i bring it up.

05-17-16, 03:15 AM
I don't think it's uncommon to get diagnosed at any age. I think unless you're very hyperactive/disruptive at school it's easy to slip through the net, especially if you're intelligent enough to compensate and keep your grades up.
Also I'm not sure what Australia is like in terms of recognising ADHD. I think the USA is the world leader, we're a few years behind in the UK (where I live), so maybe that the same for you?
Have you discussed it with your parents/carers? Do they agree with you? I guess that needs to be your next step if you haven't had that conversation yet.

I have a 15 year old son who has just been referred - at my/his request. His school never picked up on it.

Good luck. It's definitely worth finding out for sure, particularly if the symptoms/traits are causing you significant difficulties and stress.

05-18-16, 09:31 PM
My daughter was diagnosed at 14 yrs old.

05-19-16, 03:04 AM
Have you spoken to your parents about this? Maybe you can show them the list of diagnostic symptoms. Are these symptoms keeping you from living a full life, from normal functioning? Do they impair you in several.areas of your life, eg school and home? Are you struggling?

If yes, it's worth getting to the bottom of what might be going on be it adhd or something else.

05-23-16, 09:07 PM
I have told my dad i about my symptoms (he suffers from severe anxiety), but not my mum. My parents are divorced and if i were to go and see someone about my symptoms my mum would organize it. But i wanted to make sure i definitely had it before i told my mum. But while doing this i started to doubt myself, thinking im making it up. So basically im super shy and putting off talking to my mum about it.

06-09-16, 12:10 AM
Random88, there's nothing unusual about being diagnosed later than others. Some people don't get the diagnosis until they're 60+!

When I was trying to figure out if I could possibly have ADHD and how I was affected, I got out a piece of paper and just wrote down all my symptoms, regardless of whether or not they coincided with the diagnostic criteria for ADHD. It took a couple of days because sometimes I'd remember things, and then I'd go back to the list. It's unlikely that you'll be able to draw a line directly from one item on your list to one item on the diagnostic criteria and fit ALL of the criteria in the DSM. But it's still good to be able to articulate why you believe you have ADHD.

Ask yourself: do they affect you at school? at home? with your friends? at work (if applicable)? ADHD has to be present in more than one setting.

If possible, get stories from your parents. Did they ever tell you anything about how the teachers reported that you'd do something weird in class, even if it's a lighthearted story told for laughs? For example, with me, I'd never finish any of my work before moving on to the next task. My parents never saw it as some glaring ADHD symptom, but it was still there.

Even if you don't have ADHD, it's a possibility you might have something else going on, whether it's anxiety or another issue. Or maybe there's something not diagnosable that's causing the issues, like a conflict with your teacher that's keeping you from being able to work to your potential in the classroom.