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05-17-16, 01:00 PM
I wanted to start this as a separate topic from the other pregnancy post due to its specific nature.

I'm just wondering how healthcare professionals, specifically those that play a large role in direct patient care, handle pregnancy while off meds.

My husband and I, before being diagnosed, had considered having more kids. We were actually considering trying this fall so the baby would be born about a month after graduation and before I got a job.

Now we have this to take into consideration. Because of the drug classification, it's very rare for someone to continue with their meds while pregnant. I was wondering how those with direct patient care function and practice safely.

I feel like the only way I could go off meds while pregnant is if I was not in school or working for the duration of the pregnancy, and that's just not possible. I feel like it would put my patients at risk if I were to go off meds. As a student, I'm still learning, so I feel like there's always a risk there, and then to go in unmedicated. Then as a nurse, having 5-6 patients (maybe more depending on the facility) while off meds.

I've gotten by on clinicals before diagnosis by a lot of caffeine (which I also couldn't do during pregnancy given the amount of caffeine I'd take).

Maybe my perception is skewed as I've not been in clinical without losing focus because of the caffeine, so maybe it could still work out and I could still be safe. I know everyone is different as well.

I really feel like my only option is to just not have anymore kids.

I'm just hoping to hear some experiences to see how others have managed (as I'm sure it's been done before) and if it could still be a possibility for me. It's something I plan on discussing with my doctor at some point.

05-20-16, 04:16 AM
The last pregnancy I remained on all my medication. She's almost 13 now so its a bit hazy but my mental health takes a nose dive off meds.