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05-19-16, 02:59 AM
Hi Everyone, sorry this is so long!
I'm new to the forum and kinda new to ADHD but I suppose like a lot of you that was more like a confirmation.

I'm generally a happy person but I have been really struggling the last few months due to frustration. I have a creative business that I have been working on getting started for the last 6 months which is fine but the problem is this should have really only taken a month or two at most in non ADHD time.

By getting started I'm talking about making 10 samples of the items I am wanting to sell in order to put onto my Instagram and Facebook accounts(also still half done) so that I can launch the biz. One of the reasons I have been moving so slow is the fact I work 4 days a week at a fairly full on job that involves a lot of focus and attention to detail. This means that by the time I get home in the evening all my focus has been exhausted and I end up with mayo on bread for dinner and that's as productive as I can get. I'll think a lot about it but that's about it.

This gives me 3 days a week that I am not at work. One of those days is spent with my partner, another one of those days is spent at art classes and the only other day left is half errands and if I'm feeling focussed a half day of work.

This is the 3rd business that I have tried to get off the ground in the past 10 years, first one was with someone else and was great but she wanted to start a family, second one was a great idea but I was working full time at the time and I just couldn't put in what I needed to to get there and I think it was the wrong business for me.

I am dead sure that what I am pursuing now is perfect for me but I just feel like I need an extra day a week so I can get a full day of working in. My work is able to give me an extra day off but that means I would get quite a drop in pay and unfortunately I have debts and it is going to be close to impossible to live on that alone. I have enough saved to cover me for about 1 1/2 months.

Recently I came across a ted talk by Tim Urban about procrastination, I'm sure you have all already seen it but if you haven't watch it it is amazing here is the link... or?language=en

So my question is, should I take an extra day off work each week with the paycut and hope my 'panic monster' kicks in and let's me use the time to get the biz off the ground and earn the extra before my funds wear out.


Do I grit my teeth and bear it for a bit longer with a half a day worth of work a week and hope I can get it done?

Thank you for reading my giant question

05-19-16, 08:44 AM
I haven't watched the video, and don't have the mind space for it right now, but thanks for sharing.

Knowing self, I would have to opt for not taking an extra day off if it meant no longer being able to meet my financial obligations. That will create a whole new set of more tragic worries and immediate needs to meet, in my opinion.

Were you able to afford not having that extra day of pay, I'd say go for it. Otherwise, perhaps try to learn more ways to better balance and reserve your energy in your daily exchanges, and maybe try to surround yourself with peeps with similar and successful entrepreneurial mindsets for some added brainstorming and momentum building.

I come from the depths of a poverty consciousness mindset, so trying to hold on to some kind of monetary security in hopes of survival is how I was taught to live. At times, that's been much more harmful than helpful, and it's been incredibly limiting in many ways.

Best of luck in your ventures.

05-19-16, 09:18 AM
I used to eat what was at hand (your mayo sandwich being an example), but then I learned to take a minute to plan the day before. I'd do lots of cooking on the weekend and store it so I didn't have to prep much during the week (maybe throw on some rice or steam a veggie). It doesn't take much more energy for me to cook veggies, rice/potato and throw a slab of meat in a frying pan than it does to have that can of ____ or bread with cheese; it was the having to decide on the spot that was draining. Making a small change here and there to your diet might give you more energy and focus.

As for the main question, I'd say that rather than take that extra day off (which if it was me, would likely be wasted anyway), I'd be looking to have a friend visit, or even help me out. Just having someone to talk to while I'm doing something, and maybe having them give me a poke when I get off task, does wonders for my productivity. Cleaning the living room at home is exhausting; unless my wife is around to talk to, or even order me around :-)

It sounds like your issue is that your focus and ability to stay on task is depleted from work, not necessarily your overall energy levels. Maybe see if you can plan some tasks on the weekend so during the week you can just start without much thought required?

Little Nut
05-19-16, 11:41 AM
People I knew/know that got a business off the ground, either by itself or juggling another job at the same time had 2 things in common. Luck and the ability to effectively dedicate 16+ hours/day 7days/week for a few years. I am in no way saying it always is done this way, but I do "guess" it is more the "norm". -LN

05-19-16, 07:21 PM
Thank you all for some awesome advice, I will be taking all of it on board. I definitely think I will stick it out a bit longer until I can at least see that this a viable business.

Thank you :)