View Full Version : just diagnosed adult ADHD- trying vyvanse. will it clear up depression??

05-19-16, 09:17 PM
30/F I just had a formal diagnosis of ADHD which I suspected for some time. I fit most all symptoms of female ADHD from childhood to today. Most of my coping mechanisms stopped working the last year or two and I found myself in a big crisis mode. It reached its peak with me becoming depressed basically. I am usually very optimistic to keep moving forward with my goals even while in crisis, but things were really not working the way they would if I was a more organized person I just kind of started giving up. The doctor noted I was depressed but thought treating the ADHD with vyvanse should take care of the depression since it was likely a result of the untreated ADHD. I also am wary of antidepressants triggering bipolar mania which runs deep in my family so I don't really want to go down that road. I really want to get my optimism and drive back.. Has anyone ever found that (relatively mild) depression has cleared up once ADHD treatment is started? Starting the meds tomorrow...

05-20-16, 12:05 AM
If you're sad because ADHD is making your life cripplingly hard, successful ADHD treatment should get rid of that problem.

If you're sad because there's something wrong with the parts of your brain that make you feel emotions, ADHD meds probably won't help much, although it's not impossible for there to be some benefit.

I think the idea behind the depressive disorders and treatment with antidepressants is more for the latter situation, although it's really hard to tell the two problems apart, and it's definitely possible to have both problems simultaneously.

It's quite likely that ADHD meds will effect your emotions at some point. Of course, it'll hopefully make your life better, but besides that, it's pretty common for stimulants to make you feel euphoric or anxious when you first start taking it and you haven't gotten used to it, and it could make you anxious, irritable, or sad whenever it's wearing off. These things are usually tolerable if they're mild or if they only happen for a few days; if it's a problem and doesn't go away, your doctor should give you a different medication or a different dose.

05-20-16, 02:52 AM
There are studies that have been done that in certain types of treatment resistant depression stimulants can help but its a matter of what stimulant works. For me, it was adderall or dexedrine. I loved ritalin actually but the mood swings were terrible, same think with all of the methylphenidates and also vyvanse. Of course you want your adhd treated but there is nothing wrong with also wanting that feeling of wellbeing.

05-20-16, 10:46 PM
thanks for replies. update- day 1 in fact vyvanse definitely eased feeling of depression. was able to do some highly creative work that wasn't possible before due to being so down.

06-07-16, 04:04 PM
thanks for replies. update- day 1 in fact vyvanse definitely eased feeling of depression. was able to do some highly creative work that wasn't possible before due to being so down.

It did for me, but don't be surprised if you get depressed again long-term. My depression was mostly linked to dealing with undiagnosed ADHD for so long. Vyvanse helps with depression short-term, but don't expect that glow you get the first few days you take the medicine to stay. If you're depressed for other reasons I'd recommend getting that treated alongside ADHD. That'd also help depression we tend to get when our meds wear off (sucks :( )

06-16-16, 03:12 AM
Im in the same boat except i was diagnosed with add around 6th grade and was medicated from that time till 3 years ago when i wanted to try life without adderall(vyvanse wasn't for me).. I was 27 and it was mistake.

Im hoping getting back on meds will clear up my anxiety and depression that became much more pronounced the longer I went without.

Just started meds today so thats nifty minus the insomnia and I can't eat ****, but that'll pass.

Hope the Vyvanse gets you feeling better

06-16-16, 09:53 PM
Another thing interesting is in ADHD a huge symptom is emotional dysregulation. Like I get excited about the dumbest **** off meds and think it's the most important thing ever, I also get frustrated really easily, and depressed because of my ADHD, and anxious because of dealing with it. If your depression is part of your ADHD like it is mine, vyvanase will have a longer-acting effect on it, but in general for depression the effect of stimulants in short term.

Though in some people (I'd guess because they have ADHD) the effect is longer acting. Stimulants also help people with postpartum depression and as mentioned before dysthymia (treatment resistant depression)

06-18-16, 10:55 AM
It might but might not ... it sounds like you had developed some creative coping patterns, which suggests that you hadn't given up hope, which suggests in turn that you were not depressed for a good while.

Just know that a disproportionately high number of people with ADHD also suffer depression and anxiety. The technical term is "comorbidity"--for when two disorders often occur together. I think the term for what you doctor has concluded is that you have a "secondary" depression----depression as a result of untreated ADHD. Just know that even though "secondary" depression seems totally logically ... there is also the view in medical circles that there is a brain connection ... as in the brain that suffers ADHD is a brain that is also vulnerable to depression.

My oldest brother suffered a major stroke and became extremely depressed ... I did some research and found that the disability from stroke can lead to frustration and deep depression (secondary) ... But also it turns out that people think a stroke damages the brain in such a way as to make depression more likely. So like with ADHD, depression in stroke patients can be both secondary (the result of frustration and being debilitated) and primary, based on basic biology.

The problem with my brother as with people with ADHD is that it is SO HARD to tease out these differences ...

I take meds for ADHD and meds for depression. And I also go to therapy ... I would say monitor yourself and if you fall back into depression, go to a good psychiatrist and therapist and discuss your options. All of my siblings suffered high blood pressure as did my dad ... thus there is clear evidence of a family genetic inheritance. (My dad's mom and dad died of strokes from high blood pressure.) Well, I do NOT suffer high blood pressure ...

That's my way of saying there is no guarantee that you are vulnerable to mania ... and a really good psychiatrist treating your depression could start you on the med least likely to cause mania and at the lowest dosage ... and monitor you quite closely ... So don't totally close off that option down the road.

Good luck ...


06-18-16, 11:01 AM
It might. For me, dexamphetamine did wonders for my depression (long term.. i took dex for almost 2 years and even now after stopping dex the depression has not returned) and I was fairly severely depressed and had been for many years. Almost a decade. Anti depressants didn't really work, neither did mood stabilisers.

I was at some point Diagnosed with bipolar disorder 2 though I don't think I have that. My mom is bipolar though but stimulants never made me even close to manic. On the contrary, they really balanced out my mood swings. But that's not to say that they can't trigger mania if you are bipolar and I remember many members on this saying that they can't take stimulants because they induce mania in them. It's worth trying it out though.

06-19-16, 04:26 PM
[QUOTE=mrh235;1817310]Another thing interesting is in ADHD a huge symptom is emotional dysregulation.

I've been diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder (Emotion Dysregulation Disorder) for quite some time, and have been through a program and individual therapy, which has helped immensely. However, after getting an ADHD diagnosis and starting medication about 6 weeks ago, my symptoms have nearly disappeared!

I still have some issues, but it's much easier to use skills and get back to baseline.

Maybe I still have BPD, depression, etc. but the ADHD meds are the first thing that has ever helped so much for all of my issues.

06-27-16, 12:02 PM
ive been fighting depression with meds for around 10 years and was just diagnosed with adhd recently. ive found my depression is SOOOO much better now that ive found out about the adhd. ive tried every med imaginable and none really got rid of the depression completely. struggling to find out why the depression was still affecting me is what led me to my adhd diagnosis. i truly feel the depression is related and possibly caused by the adhd. im still working my way up on adhd meds (low dose adderall currently) so time will tell how it all works out but for the first time in years i feel very hopeful for the future