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05-20-16, 06:47 AM
Hi everyone! I'm so relieved to say that today at the age of 30 I finally got my diagnosis for ADHD! The next step of course, is treating it. The specialist I saw was very nice and understanding, but he did tell me that the Concerta he wanted to prescribe will make my contraceptive pill (Microgynon) less effective and that all hormonal contraceptives (implant, etc) would also have the same problem. Neither me nor my partner like condoms, so I don't consider that an option. However, he also told me that many other medications can have this effect, due to an interaction with the liver enzyme "Cytochrome P450". This includes the Sertraline I was prescribed in 2011 and was on for a few years - I had a hormonal implant and after that, the pill while I was taking that. In fact, he said that should have made it even less effective than the Concerta could and my GP should've warned me about this. I've had a quick look on here and on Google and I can't say I can see any mention of this side-effect. I've researched the medication and ADHD quite a lot (even the specialist mentioned this)before even asking my GP for a referral and I've never seen this mentioned so I guess my question is... is this actually a thing? If so I'm really disappointed - I was looking forward to treating this so I can actually motivate myself to do things. Thanks! EDIT: I also wanted to add that the specialist mentioned that I was older than the peak of people who's ADHD symptoms were disappearing and said that at some point, I'll grow out of it naturally. Again, I've never heard of this.

10-19-16, 03:47 AM
Hi Heybunny

A bit late in replying to this message but here it is:

I am on Concerta since 2014, started with 18mg then was increased to 36mg the same year and still taking the same dose up to now. Also, I had a hormonal IUD (Mirena) inserted last 2011 but it never failed to protect me from getting pregnant again.. :yes::yes: never tried taking contraceptive pills though. I am 32 and a mother to two mischievous angels:lol:.

And also, based on what I am reading online, ADD/ADHD is with us forever, maybe the symptoms would be less (if managed by therapy or medication) but other than that, it will not go away nor can we outgrow it.

All the best!:)