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05-20-16, 04:10 PM
I'm not sure if this is the right spot for this...

I was "diagnosed" a little over a week ago on the 12th. It was basically me giving the psychiatrist a self assessment. He asked some questions. He didn't really dig or anything. I also struggle with bulimia. He mostly looked at my notes from my initial counseling session, and asked a few questions from there. He prescribed Vyvanse and described it as "2 birds, 1 stone". When he was putting in the prior auth, he put ADHD and said "as I agree with that".

I spoke with my school who is a personal and academic counselor. I wanted to talk to her to see if she had any suggestions on how I could manage, especially while meds were titrated. Also I could only see the psych on Thursday mornings which clashes with a clinical rotation that I cannot miss.

She highly recommended me getting the form filled out for accommodations so that I have them in place should I need them. I took it to my counseling appointment on Wednesday as I don't see my psych until June 2. The counselor (who I see for bulimia - she coordinates care with the psych) said that my diagnosis was never updated to show ADD / ADHD.

She said she'd forward the form to him so he could fill it out the next day and I could get it so the school could start processing it as the semester is about to start. I called up today to see if he had the opportunity to fill it out. I was told that he didn't fill it out yet as he was discussing some things with the counselor and they could only exchange messages. So at the earliest, if he decides to fill it out, that I can get it is after next Thursday (and they'll be closed from 4pm Thursday (26th) until 8 am Tuesday (31st). With my school schedule, I wouldn't even be able to pick it up until my appointment on the 2nd (again, if he agreed to fill it out).

I wasn't provided with any more information as far as what was needed to be discussed in order to fill out my paper work unless he's thinking I'm lying and he's trying to make sure??? I doubt they'd discuss that with me anyway, but I feel like I'm out of the loop, especially as the counselor made it sound like it wouldn't be a problem to get filled out and pick up right away.

I'm at an absolute loss as I thought if I was diagnosed, it was something simple to fill out. I don't understand what more he needs unless he's talking to the counselor to discuss limitations and what accommodations I would need.

But I don't know. He asked me if I was cheating when I said I had good grades, and so far I'm not thrilled with therapy as the counselor is insisting that I have trauma in my past and doesn't believe it when I say there is none. The psych also seemed to not believe that I have the history that I do and not have trauma in my past.

Anyway, is this normal when trying to get the accommodations form filled out?

Little Missy
05-20-16, 04:33 PM
No, I would hate that. Get the two of them together for an appointment to straighten them out. This may be just my experience, but more than one doctor or whatever they may be always turns into a giant mess.

05-20-16, 07:11 PM
"Have you been cheating." :mad: He sounds like a person with a lot of personal problems if that's one of the first things he'd ask you about being in school and needing accommodations even with good grades. If he would say something like that (especially about someone with an eating disorder -- I think perfectionism runs pretty high in our "line of work" LOL), then I wouldn't assume he is following up with your school counselor.

With an eating disorder, I, too, have been through the "you are repressing something," "you are secretly gay," etc. Getting a new psychiatrist really helped me. This new one is a pharmaceutical industry sellout but I don't want to go back to the Freudian-sex-repressed-trauma-psychoanalysis junk of yore. Some therapists STILL to this day do not understand people with eating disorders.

The therapist relationship is based on trust. Psych hasn't known you long enough to think you are repressing things (or cheating!), and counselor should know better if you have a longer relationship...maybe she should send you to see a different counselor if she doesn't feel like the relationship is going right.

I have been to three different colleges while I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do (still haven't), and each disability office was different but was mainly:

"Here is a paper. Send it to your doctor to fill in." I would send it along with a note that said, "I need the following accommodations: (extended test time, quiet room)." His office would fax it to the school. I went in to get my papers to disperse to my professors to notify them, didn't have to say a word because it was all on the notification.
Sorry they are not communicating well with you. There is no way they are in an in-depth discussion about whether you need accommodations or not -- you are changing meds, for goodness sake... that is an uncertain time, and it is responsible to get these in order now! Since you are on a timeline, call them asap because people are flaky. The disability office or their web site will have that form and the accommodations available for your disorder. Fax or email it to the flaky psychiatrist and tell him which ones you need.

This accommodation-seeking stuff was never, ever a test of whether I was lying or not. When people go to get help for a disability, they need help. No one has given me too hard of a time about it, even if I didn't turn in my stuff before the semester started. No one has asked if I cheated or was lying. No one acted like giving me an accommodations letter was akin to peddling addictive prescription drugs. I don't know if you take things very sensitively or if they actually said or meant to imply these things, but this is very distressing even to hear about. If you are not normally a straightforward, demanding person, it is okay to be in this situation. :) This is not a demand they should be unfamiliar with. "Be your own advocate." When in doubt, the people at the disability office on campus can be very nice and welcoming and explain to you the resources available to you.

06-03-16, 04:43 PM
Thanks! :)

The school counselor is different from the counselor I started seeing that works with the psychiatrist.

The counselor in the practice coordinates with the psychiatrist. The school counselor actually did work with the psychiatrist at one point though!

I'm honestly not very impressed with the counseling center. Everything there has just been so completely negative. I feel like I have to defend myself constantly.

I haven't met with the counselor in the practice again. I was supposed to have an appointment with her Wednesday evening, but I canceled until I could get other things sorted. I had a counseling session with someone else at a different place Thursday afternoon, so I wanted to wait and see how that went first.

I met with the psychiatrist again Thursday morning (I wasn't going to cancel or terminate my care until I got in somewhere else). At first I felt guilty for keeping my appointment with him, canceling with the counselor while I had an appt scheduled elsewhere. By the end of the appointment, that guilt was long gone.

This was my first appt with him since the initial appt. I explained to him my experience with Vyvanse during that time. I explained it as being like "putting glasses on for the first time; the fog seemed to lift." That's the only way I could explain it to anyone.

He was noting everything in my chart on the computer and asked me if I read that somewhere in a book. :mad:

He pulled out my accommodation form (still blank) and said he was waiting until this appt as he didn't know what to put. I told him what my school strongly recommended (as someone with ADHD herself and having seen countless students before go through this). I told him that those were her recommendations. Then he asked me if she also thought I had it (so basically doubting me I guess? and to see if someone else believed it to be a possibility).

Then he said that once I get sorted on meds, I shouldn't need accommodations. Um, as far as I know (between my own experience over the last few weeks and accounts from others), meds aren't a magic pill and solve everything (even the counselor at the practice said that, but she was more condescending and saying that's what I expected when I don't). You still have to learn strategies to cope. Even if I don't need them, things may change (and it'd be crappy for that to happen, especially at finals or something) and it's good to have in place. So many people have told me that. But, the bottom line is that he did fill it out.

Then he decided to bump me up to 70 mg of Vyvanse. I've only been on 60 for a couple weeks (no complaints!), but with the first script, I was told to go to 60 after being on 30 for a week which meant I needed to take 2 - 30 mg capsules. He sent me with an extra script for the 60 when the 30 ran out. I just filled the 60 on Sunday.

So he's writing a script for 70 (knowing that I just filled the script for the 60). I asked if 10 mg capsules would be better so that I wouldn't be wasting the 60 since they were just filled, and I didn't know if there'd be an issue filling a script for 70 less than a week later. He said to keep some 60s in case the 70s turn out to be too much.

He lied and said that it doesn't come in 10 mg (which I know is wrong). Maybe he just doesn't like me because I'm taking an active role in my care and he thinks that I'm trying to tell him what to do. I think a better response would be "no" and explain why.

It doesn't make sense. I think it'd make more sense considering it's still a controlled substance. 1) I wouldn't have a bunch of 60s sitting around (for potential abuse - I wouldn't abuse it, but it's a controlled substance, and I'd think they wouldn't want someone having almost a months worth sitting around). 2) If 70 is too much, then I can just drop the 10 easily - even if I had a bunch of 10s, it'd be far much less than if I had a bunch of 60s or 70s hanging around.

I'm baffled at that logic. I'd think it'd be considered safe practice to have as little as possible in someone's hands because it's a controlled substance. I'm not saying anything because I plan to abuse it, but you'd just think since he seems to be skeptical of my "diagnosis".

Sorry for the rant on this post, but I just feel like it all kind of goes together. I did have an appt at the other place yesterday. Night and day. The counselor there was appalled when I told her about the 2 counseling sessions and 2 appts with the psychiatrist (and his comments). She put in a referral for a pysch there, so hopefully this'll be better, and I can put this other one behind me.

06-09-16, 12:00 AM
I just read this post and I know I'm a bit late. Did you have your new appointment yet? If so, how did it go?

I'm glad you're no longer going to be seeing the psychiatrist (If I understood your post right). He sounds pretty sketchy to me. When I applied for accommodations, they started signing me up for things left and right that I didn't ask for (which I wasn't required to use--its only there if I need it).

No one has EVER given me trouble with my grades. No one ever questioned me about whether or not I might be cheating because I get good grades and I have ADHD. Nor has anyone asked me if the descriptions I use are from a book. That's wrong, and I hope you find someone who respects you enough to treat you like a respectable person.

06-10-16, 07:21 PM
So far I've only met with a new counselor (somewhere else). The experience has been night and day. Sooooo much better! She's only an intern, unfortunately, but she's hoping to get hired in permanently in December. I'll be bummed if she doesn't. I could tell from the first appointment with her that I felt comfortable with her.

I explained to her why I was switching (and so quickly) as I didn't want to appear sketchy, myself. She didn't seem too happy to hear the things I was telling her in just my few visits at the other place.

I met with her again today. She asked if I minded signing a release form to have my notes from there so she could get my intake, meds, and treatment plan. I feel comfortable with that so there's just more proof that I'm on something, so it doesn't look like I'm just trying to get something. I agreed and said, even though I'm not allowed to see their notes, I'm curious as to what they wrote in them.

She said she was curious too. She said she was concerned and discussed it with her supervisor. Her supervisor wasn't happy about it either. Which makes me feel better since it validates the fact that I had a legit reason to be upset and not overreacting.

She had to put in a referral to see a psych there. I don't have a psych appt until July 8. She asked if I would be okay for meds until then. I should be. I kept my appt for the other place (July 14) to be safe, but she said if there are any issues with my meds before the 8th to call and they'll see what they can do to help me get sorted before then.

I explained to her that he prescribed the 70 mg, but I couldn't fill it yet because I don't need any issues with getting flagged for anything. She agreed with that, but suggested I go speak with the pharmacist, explaining the situation, and see what they think. I'm sure my insurance will cover it since it's a different dosage, but from what I understand, the pharmacist has the right to not fill it. I think I may go this weekend and see. 2 weeks is up in a few days, but it still may be a good idea to speak with them since I also filled the 60 after 2 weeks (or 3) from the 30 (I was originally on 30 but was instructed to go up to 60 after a week, so I ran out before the usual 30 days).

Even this new counselor didn't think it was unusual to have good grades. She's addressing both food issue and ADHD (the other counselor would only address food issues - refused to address the ADHD unless she was telling me that I was just being lazy and expected the pill to cure everything and do everything for me).

Out of the 3 tests I've taken so far since, I've done 2 in a separate room and it really was helpful. I still struggle with concentrating / not getting distracted, but I'm working on that (as far as things I can do) and when I can get myself focused, I'm pretty good at staying focused for a reasonable amount of time. I actually had to pry myself away from my book to go to bed before the night of a test (but that was also partially due to the pre-test adrenaline that helps with focusing).

So far 3 tests: 100%, 94%, and 100% (all this week actually). I have another on Monday. I've felt a lot less stressed on test day, feeling more prepared. Even if I didn't get in as much as I would've liked (whether due to still getting distracted, the kids, or just no time - very short semester - 4 classes - so not a lot of time), I'm still doing more than I've been able to do before. In the 3 weeks so far, I've studied more than my first 2 semesters combined!

06-10-16, 08:36 PM
Thank you for the update. I'm glad that you were able to find a new place, and they respect you and your opinion. I hope it all gets sorted out and you don't have any more issues with the medications and accommodations you need.

Isn't it great to suddenly be able to study?

06-11-16, 11:55 AM
But I don't know. He asked me if I was cheating when I said I had good grades, and so far I'm not thrilled with therapy as the counselor is insisting that I have trauma in my past and doesn't believe it when I say there is none. The psych also seemed to not believe that I have the history that I do and not have trauma in my past.

Anyway, is this normal when trying to get the accommodations form filled out?
Red flags. why would someone in that fields suggest you are cheating about your grades? undereducatied therapist IMO.Not there job as far as I am concerned.