View Full Version : USA -> LONDON ... how to get Dexedrine prescription?

05-22-16, 03:22 PM
Dear all,

I'm from continental Europe, but currently studying in the US. I'm 25-30 years old.

I was diagnosed with ADD in Europe and given a D-Amphetamine / Dexedrine prescription, after Ritalin had failed miserably.

When I later moved to the States, I easily got an Adderall prescription from a local psychiatrist, which works really well. As I don't have a direct comparison, I can't say which drug works better for me, but Adderall definitely does the job.

I'm moving to London soon and was wondering how difficult/expensive it would be for me to get a Dexedrine prescription there. If not possible, this would be a reason for me to change my plans and avoid London altogether.

Thanks for the advice.