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05-23-16, 11:49 PM
Remember I got in a difficult situation last week ? I am a fond believer anything good is just as much the result of anything bad that happened, and I lost a lot (all my jewelry, debit card, sim card, toothpaste and brush, adapter and so on) and when I was just done with living with different people on couchsurfing and this system condemning my every move without sympathy, we're humans not statistics - my neighboring tent family on the beach 'took me in' and have paid for all my food without asking who to the why.

Authorities haven't yet taken me despite no more permit (my friends are long term until their house is built and I'm with them) and this morning tha police coming straight from the underground (beach) at 9AM waking me up and went through all my friend's belongings and threw an illegal immigrant out.

Next week a pacific modern pirate acquaintance of my friend will take me on his vessel. My friend now calls me Pirate of the East Coast (either that or seasick pirate, I think east coast sounds better)

I'm just so done with society for the moment. A tent is good on the seashore with the ships to motivate the sights.

05-24-16, 06:22 AM
I don't remember reading what happened to you last week but it sounds bad. Did you get robbed???? Glad things are looking up now but do be careful what ships, etc you get onto.

05-24-16, 09:14 AM
I didn't realize you had lost those items, either! OMG.
but well Pirate of the East Coast, is simply awesome.