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05-24-16, 04:41 AM
So I'm having some slight paranoia that I have to get off Dexedrine for a day or two so far. I think the fact that my "gesture" alone makes people look at me and talk about me, which is true, not imagined, as people have done this before I was even on an amphetamine. It seems to jack up these feelings (I guess the norepinephrine is at work here). There was an article I read that maybe the reason why some soldiers (on amphetamine) end up becoming PTSD/paranoid/schizoid is because of the excess norepinephrine/dopamine release while on the line of duty (war). I'm just in another form of every day war called LIFE, where co-workers gossip about each other and hate each other while they smile at your face so they can make themselves feel a bit better. These things I've always been aware of throughout my life, which can make anyone paranoid, the amphetamines just steps it up a notch in the paranoia department. LOL. I'm fine though. I just thought I'd let it out of my chest. These drugs make me very hyperfocus on what's being said (i.e. the trash talk and gossip) and it becomes a loop in my head (you know how some days are crazier than other days, it's just with amphetamines, it's a bit psychotic). I'm surprised my temper is well kept under control to a point that my "haters" end up the one being ****** off.

I feel like I'm back to "normal" when off the amphetamine, but I think being on this medicine is not meant to be used while being around snakes and vipers (humans). Makes me more alert and aware about the negativity, needlessly though. I think it's a perfect drug if one is to be in a cave to do research by one's self. Definitely not a human interaction drug, unless the other parties are of decent nature.

Little Nut
05-24-16, 11:09 AM
Hey Baical, After the side-effects have gone and you're back to your normal well rested self, reread the OP. I am just curious if it would be seen in a different light. Just curious and nothin' more. -LN