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05-24-16, 09:41 AM
Hello, I am a 25 year old adult who was recently diagnosed with ADD (inattentive mostly). I've been trying a few different anti depressants with varying success...tried celexa, which I liked, then got put on Zoloft, which I didn't like, then cymbalta which I hated (made me incredibly impulsive, self destructive thoughts). I'm now back on celexa and my psych said that at my next appointment she is going to start me on Vyvanse. This is in three weeks. She told me to look online for resources about the medication.

Can someone please tell me what I may expect with taking this medication daily?

05-25-16, 05:42 PM
Expect to be a little amped and focused at first. After a while just expect to feel a little more normal but still able to focus a little better. I do get dry mouth often so I will reccommend bringing water with you everywhere you go. As well, you'll be drinking a lot of water. When you go to the restroom, your pee may be a strong dark yellow but don't worry. Throughout the day while drinking water it'll go away. Don't expect the drug to last all day. It may last 10 hours at first but over time it will lessen to about 5-6 hours. Follow the directions carefully with this for best use of it. Vyvanse does not give any euphoria from my experience but at times I will feel a little better. I'm only saying that from my own experience but it can differ. It is a liver metabolizing drug so it is a slow release and it will be affected by your metabolism. If you have any other questions you can PM me and I'll see if I can help. ��

05-25-16, 09:36 PM
I had a very similar experience as BBSurf. Dry mouth and it only lasting about 6 hours (also a college student).

Keeping in mind that everyone is different (in regards to effects and how well it works), I did experience a bit of euphoria on the first day of 30 mg with my heart racing. It actually lasted most of the day. The second and third day, very clear mind, no euphoria (wore off at 9 and 8 hours respectively). After the 3rd day, it seemed to stop working (It wasn't controlling any of the symptoms at all).

I was upped to 60 mg after a week. My first day of 60 (last Friday) no euphoria, but my heart was racing. It's seemed to level out since (controlling some symptoms) and no racing heart. It still wears off around 6 hours. Still have the dry mouth.

I had reduced appetite the first 3 days of the 30 mg only (haven't had that since).

05-30-16, 06:46 AM
Enjoy your first experiences and days on Vyvanse. Just enjoy it. Dont think about it. Do what ever you want.

06-05-16, 05:58 PM
I found Vyvanse to work far better when I wait 3 to 3.5 hours before eating any food. I found drinking 6-8 ounces of water when I take the Vyvanse works optimally whereas less than 6 ounces of water has inconsistent results and drinking more than 10 ounces of water dilutes the effect but not as much as eating food.

Your anxiety may very, Cymbalta is an SNRI which is the same class as Strattera, which is a medication that gives me trouble in higher doses while Adderall/Vyvanse has the opposite effect. That doesn't mean you defiantly wont get similar side effects as the Cymbalta with an amphetamine stimulant like Vyvanse or Adderall, you will just have to try it out to determine for yourself. 10 years ago when I had a socially interactive tech job, I took a nominal dose of Xanax it worked very well with absolutely no cognitive side effects or any decrease in effectiveness. My doctor was very comfortable with and believed in the Adderall/Xanax combo but when I found other benzo's caused cognitive and ADD side effects while Xanax didn't which my doctor said was typical. I wouldn't pursue it unless you have problems that are disabling to your daily life or mental state, but if the stimulant ADD medication like Vyvanse does improve your ADD but causes amphetamine induced side effects, a co-prescription for Xanax might solve those problems. Some doctors are against this and I suppose it is because they don't have enough experience prescribing it. They work on completely different parts of the brain and have absolutely no interactions.