View Full Version : CPAP troubleshooting?

05-25-16, 10:21 AM
Hi all,

A couple years ago I got prescribed a CPAP machine, and I used it effectively for a little while, then ran into a problem, and after trying to resolve it with the techs with no success, I stoped using it.

I realized today that somebody here might have an idea about what's happening, and how to fix it.

I use nasal pillows as opposed to a full mask (full masks never fit well. I can't fall asleep on my back or stomach, and it keeps slipping out of place when I sleep on my side) The problem is that I'll just start drifting off, and suddenly stop breathing, which obviously wakes me up quite effectively. Since the machine is supposed to improve my breathing, I don't get this. The techs found it odd as well.

Any ideas what could be causing this, or how I might resolve the issue?